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AFC Playoff Predictions As Of 12/21/21
Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

AFC Playoff Predictions As Of 12/21/21


NEW ENGLAND 9-5: The Patriots are still in the driver’s seat despite their loss in Indianapolis last week. They have the Bills at home this week and they have it all in front of them with a win. They have road games at Miami and are at home against Buffalo and Jacksonville. Winning the Division Chances: 60% Making the Playoffs: 100%

TENNESSEE 9-5: The Titans are struggling down the stretch trying to close out the division. The division lead is down to one, but it is really two, because they have the tiebreaker over 2nd place Indianapolis. But, the Colts are breathing down their throats and keeping the pressure on. The remaining schedule includes home games with San Francisco and Miami. They go on the road to Houston. Winning the Division Chances: 70% Making the Playoffs: 80%

KANSAS CITY 10-4: The Chiefs practically sewed up the division with their win over the Chargers last Thursday night. They now have a 2-game lead and are taking dead aim on the No.1 seed in the AFC. They have a home game left against Pittsburgh and road tests at Cincinnati and Denver. They should go 3-0 or 2-1. Winning the Division Chances: 95% Making the Playoffs: 100%

CINCINNATI 8-6: The Bengals are in first place, because of the tiebreaker. But, does anyone want to bet on them to win the division? Their schedule is tough with the Ravens and Chiefs at home and a trip to Cleveland. Winning the Division Chances: 50% Making the Playoffs: 50%


LA CHARGERS 8-6: They could have really strengthened their position if they could have held on and won against the Chiefs. They still are in firm control of their chances to make the playoffs, but they have to win the games they should. They have a home game left against Denver and road games at Houston and Las Vegas. 11-6 is the worst they should finish. Anyone want to bet they get there? Winning the Division Chances: 10% Making the Playoffs 75%

BUFFALO 8-6: Of all the 8-6 teams in the hunt, most people think they are the most talented. If they can beat New England this weekend, they will tie the Patriots and have a chance to pull out the division. They have two very winnable home games left with Atlanta and the Jets. Plus, the road game at New England. They should go at least 10-7 and make it as a wild-card. Winning the Division Chances: 40% Making the Playoffs: 75%

INDIANAPOLIS 8-6: The Colts are one of the hottest teams in the AFC and are coming off a win over New England that gave their playoff chances a real boost. They still have a shot at the division, but Tennessee owns the tiebreaker. They have Las Vegas at home and Arizona and Jacksonville on the road. Winning the Division: 30% Making the Playoffs: 60%

BALTIMORE 8-6: They have lost three straight close games and are in jeopardy of failing to make the playoffs. They could have kicked extra points and tied 2 of those games, to send them into overtime, but went for two instead, and failed both times, resulting in losses. The schedule isn’t easy with home games left against the Rams and Pittsburgh, and a road game at Cincinnati. Winning the Division: 30% Making the Playoffs 40%

PITTSBURGH 7-6-1: They got a huge win over the Titans on Sunday, and they are still in the hunt for the division championship. Their main problem (besides the fact they aren’t very good), is their schedule. They have Cleveland at home and tough road tests at Kansas City and Baltimore. They need to win them all. Winning the Division: 25% Making the Playoffs: 25%

CLEVELAND 7-7: They could have really improved their chances of winning if they could have beat the Raiders last night. Their best chance is to win the division, but their chances are slim. They have a home game with Cincinnati and road games against Green Bay and Pittsburgh. They have to win them all. Winning the Division: 10% Making the Playoffs: 20%

DENVER 7-7: The Broncos have a home game left with Kansas City and AFC division games on the road with Las Vegas and the Chargers. I think they are looking at 8-9. Winning the Division: 0% Making the Playoffs: 5%

LAS VEGAS 7-7: Their chances are very simple. They have to win every game left on their schedule which includes a road game at Indianapolis and home games against Denver and the Chargers. Not going to happen. Winning the Division: 0% Making the Playoffs: 5%

MIAMI 7-7: The Dolphins are one of the hottest teams in the NFL. They have three games left and they have to win them all. They play New England at home and road games at New Orleans and Tennessee. They have to win them all which will be difficult, but they are to be commended for not ditching the season. Winning the Division: 0% Making the Playoffs: 5%

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