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Racing Dudes Handicapping Challenge: Halterman vs. West vs. Moquett

Racing Dudes Handicapping Challenge: Halterman vs. West vs. Moquett


Welcome to another week of the Racing Dudes Handicapping Challenge! Each weekend we select 8 to 10 races from around the country and offer up a little handicapping challenge to anyone interested. We’ve received a massive amount of interest to take on the Dudes! So much so that we’ve had to resort to drawing randomly to see who gets to take on our defending back-to-back champ (Aaron West) and the Dudes. Everyone will get a shot! And now, we’re adding one more challenger each week!


Fake $2 Win/Place wagers ($2 to Win and $2 to Place) and (1) mandatory $4 Win/Place wager will be made on the horse a player selects in each race. Only one horse may be selected per race. If a player’s horse wins, the player score is credited on both the Win and Place payouts. If the horse finishes second, the player score is credited only on the Place payout. And just so we’re clear, all wagers and payouts from races are NOT REAL and will be used for scoring purposes only.

In the event of a late scratch or change of track conditions, players may change picks provided given race has not started. If picks have already closed, the scratched horse will be replaced with the post-time favorite for that race.

Past results:

Week 1: Aaron Halterman (Dude #1) defeats Kelby Von Hemel $43.60 – $21.00

Week 2: Paul Mazur defeats Dude #1 $25.00 – $17.80

Week 3: Aaron West defeats Dude #1 and Paul Mazur  $31.30 – $28.80 – $8.00

Week 4: Aaron West defeats Dude #1 and Oaklawn Wizard  $53.20 – $27.00 – $25.60

This week’s contestants:

Back-to-Back Champion: Aaron West

IMG_1921Aaron West started handicapping when he went to college and has been handicapping for 9 years now, particularly taking his game to a new level the last 5 years. Like so many of us, he learned how to read a form from my dad.

While he’s a fan of the Pick 3 and Pick 4 wagers, Aaron’s money maker is the Kentucky Derby Trifecta wager, hitting them in 3 of the last 4 years (2010: $2,337.40, 2012: $3,065.60, 2013: $6,925.60). He attends Oaklawn Park regularly and has been to the Breeders’ Cup twice and Kentucky Derby once. You can follow him on Twitter at @amwest85.

New Shooter: Chance Moquett


Let’s welcome Chance Moquett to the Dudes’ arena! Son of trainer Ron Moquett, Chance’s biggest win came in a race last year named after the fraternity he’s a part of, hitting a $.10 Superfecta box with a 50-1 on top! Nearly $6,200 payout after taxes!

When he’s not raking in the dough with the Superfectas, he loves betting Trifectas and Exactas as well as theoccasional Pick 3. (And of course a Pick 6 if the carryover is massive)

You can follow Chance on Twitter at @chancemoquett as well as his dad’s company Twitter account at @MoquettRacing97.

Challenge races:

1  Oaklawn Park  Race 2 (1:57 CT)

2  Gulfstream Park  Race 8 (3:34 CT)

3  Aqueduct  Race 8 (3:43 CT)

4  Fair Grounds  Race 6 (3:55 CT)

5  Gulfstream Park  Race 9 (4:05 CT)

6  Oaklawn Park  Race 8 (4:42 CT)

7  Fair Grounds  Race 8 (4:55 CT)

8  Santa Anita Park  Race 6 (5:00 CT)

9  Santa Anita Park  Race 8 (6:00 CT)

10  Sunland Park  Race 11 (6:40 CT)


OP R2 #7 (1st 2.80 2.20) #7 (1st 2.80 2.20) #7 (1st 2.80 2.20)
GP R8 #8 (Off) #8 (Off) #8 (Off)
AQU R8 #2 (Off) #1 (1st 4.40 2.80) #7 (Off)
FG R6 #1 (2nd 4.80) #1 (2nd 4.80) #4 (1st 9.00 4.40)
GP R9 #7 (1st 3.60 2.20) #7* (1st 7.20 4.40) #3 (3rd)
OP R8 #9 (Off) #4 (2nd 4.80) #8* (Off)
FG R8 #2 (3rd) #4 (2nd 5.20) #2 (3rd)
SA R6 #2 (Off) #3 (3rd) #3 (3rd)
SA R8 #1 (2nd 3.80) #1 (2nd 3.80) #1 (2nd 3.80)
SUN R11 #9* (1st 11.60 6.40) #2 (Off) #3 (3rd)
Score $37.40 $42.40 $22.20

* Denotes player’s $4 Win/Place wager

You think you can hang with the big boys (or girls)? Want to take the winner? Shoot us an email by visiting our contact page and let us know you’re interested! We’ll even plug your website, blog, Twi
tter feed, handicapping skills, etc. And who knows… defend your title long enough and we may even throw in a prize!


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