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Racing Dudes Handicapping Challenge: Halterman vs. Von Hemel

Racing Dudes Handicapping Challenge: Halterman vs. Von Hemel

PP Unbridle's Note

Trust us, we’ve heard it all. “You suck at handicapping”. “You don’t provide value”. And my favorite, “Try picking something other than favorites. No skills. Keep up the average work” (Thanks Trace). This game is hard folks. But hey, we get it. Everyone has an opinion. We just try to do as good of a job of a possible so that you might find what we do valuable.

With all that said, we thought we would open this up a bit to some friendly competition! I introduce to you, the first installment of the Racing Dudes Handicapping Challenge.

Each weekend we will select 8 to 10 races from around the country and offer up a little handicapping challenge. Old school rules apply…winner stays, loser walks. This week’s challenge pairs up two fierce opponents:

Resident Dude Aaron Halterman vs. Super Farrier Kelby Von Hemel

The rules are simple. Fake $2 Win/Place wagers ($2 to Win and $2 to Place) will be made on the horse a player selects in each race. Only one horse may be selected per race. If a player’s horse wins, the player score is credited on both the Win and Place payouts. If the horse finishes second, the player score is credited only on the Place payout. And just so we’re clear, all wagers and payouts from races are NOT REAL and will be used for scoring purposes only. (Had to say it)

In the event of a late scratch, players may change picks provided given race has not started. If picks have already closed, the scratched horse will be replaced with the post-time favorite for that race.

Today’s challenge races:

1  Gulfstream Park  Race 4 (1:07 CST)

2  Gulfstream Park  Race 7 (2:34 CST)

3  Aqueduct  Race 8 (2:48 CST)

4  Gulfstream Park  Race 9 (3:33 CST)

5  Oaklawn Park  Race 6 (3:46 CST)

6  Fair Grounds  Race 7 (4:25 CST)

7  Oaklawn Park  Race 8 (4:42 CST)

8  Oaklawn Park  Race 9 (5:10 CST)

9  Santa Anita Park  Race 8 (6:07 CST)

The picks:

Von Hemel
#5 (Off) GP R4 #5 (Off)
#1 (1st 8.60 4.40) GP R7 #7 (2nd 4.00)
#3 (3rd) AQU R8 #4 (Off)
#6 (Off) GP R9 #7 (Off)
#5 (1st 3.00 2.60) OP R6 #5 (1st 3.00 2.60)
#10 (2nd 3.40) FG R7 #2 (Off)
#2 (1st 6.60 3.60) OP R8 #6 (Off)
#1 (1st 6.80 4.60) OP R9 #1 (1st 6.80 4.60)
#4 (Off) SA R8 #1 (Off)
$43.60 Final $21.00

You think you can hang with the big boys (or girls)? Want to take the winner? Shoot us an email by visiting our contact page and let us know you’re interested! We’ll even plug your website, blog, Twitter feed, handicapping skills, etc. And who knows… defend your title long enough and we may even throw in a prize!


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