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Racing Dudes Fantasy Update: Belmont Stakes Report

Racing Dudes Fantasy Update: Belmont Stakes Report

The Belmont Stakes field has been changing rapidly over the past few days, and it is directly influencing the fantasy league. There is no doubt that Team Welch is still the heavy favorite to win the league with Justify poised to win the Triple Crown. However, if he falters, there is still a chance for Team Halterman, who added a Belmont runner over the weekend. Read all about the current field as it pertains to our fantasy teams in this week’s Power Rankings, as well as the Current Standings as we head into the last race.

Current Standings

Ranking Team Score Current Team Members
1Jared Welch 1,390Solomini, Greyvitos, Justify, Sporting Chance, New York Central
2Curtis "Magic" Kalleward 270Good Magic, Mendelssohn, Marconi, My Boy Jack, Magnum Moon
3Aaron Halterman 256Principe Guilherme, Instilled Regard, Noble Indy, Bravazo, Combatant
4Mike "Saratoga Slim" Spector 175Bolt d’Oro, Audible, Hofburg, Restoring Hope, Navistar
5Ryan Stillman/Jon White 146Mask, Flameaway, Untamed Domain, Enticed, Quip
6Dan "The Fan Man" Waite 31Catholic Boy, Nero, Lone Sailor, Vino Rosso, Free Drop Billy

Power Rankings

1. Jared Welch – Current Odds To Win: 1/5

Projected Belmont Starters: Justify

Outlook: A victory by Justify ensures that he wins the league. If Justify finishes second, then he still wins the league – as long as Bravazo or Noble Indy do not win. With a Justify third-place finish, he could still win the league – as long as Bravazo or Noble Indy do not win. Justify finishing off the board, however, would make things a little dicey for him. In that scenario, a Bravazo or Noble Indy win or second and third would beat him, but none of those scenarios are likely.

2. Aaron Halterman – Current Odds To Win: 20-1

Projected Belmont Starters: Bravazo and Noble Indy

Outlook: The late addition of Noble Indy to the field gives this team a bit more hope. A win by either of these horses would mean that Team Halterman wins the league. If these two horses finished second and third, and Justify finishes off the board, then this team would win as well. Somehow, Team Halterman has hung around all year long despite never having a star horse.

3. Curtis “Magic” Kalleward – Current Odds to Win: 100-1

Projected Belmont Starters: NONE

Outlook: He is only 20 points behind, but he has no current starters in the Belmont Stakes. With no starters, he has no chance, but perhaps a late addition will at least give him a rooting interest. He played great this year, but sadly, it looks like he will be coming up just a bit short.

4. Mike “Saratoga Slim” Spector – Current Odds to Win: 75-1

Projected Belmont Starters: Hofburg and Restoring Hope

Outlook: With two Belmont Stakes starters, he can make up some serious ground in a hurry, but he can’t mathematically pass Team Welch for the win. If Justify scratches from the race for some reason, then Slim could tie for the lead with a Hofburg/Restoring Hope exacta. If a tie does occur, another “Rap Battle” will commence to decide the winner.

5. Jon White/Ryan Stillman – Current Odds to Win: 1,000,000 -1

Projected Belmont Starters: Enticed

Outlook: There is no chance for this team to win. Even their one potential Belmont Stakes starter is just 50/50 to run in the race. They will always be left wondering “what if” in regards to the injury to their stable star, McKinzie.

6. Dan “The Fan Man” Waite – Current Odds to Win: 1,000,000,000- 1

Projected Belmont Starters: Vino Rosso and Free Drop Billy

Outlook: Obviously, this team has no chance to win, but can he pull off a miracle and get out of last place? If he can pull off a Vino Rosso/Free Drop Billy exacta at Belmont, and Enticed does not finish third, then he would move out of last place. The odds of this occurring are not good, but Dan “The Fan Man” has never met a longshot that he didn’t like!

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