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Payne in Pain: Australian Jockey Badly Injured

Payne in Pain: Australian Jockey Badly Injured

Michelle Payne, a 30 year old Australian jockey has been in a lot of pain (excuse the pun) due to a fall she took in a race recently.  She complained of pain in her abdomen, and it turned out to be a rather serious injury that required surgery. Payne will not be able to compete in the Royal Ascot in May. Nor will she be able to compete in the Shergar Cup team event which will be taking place on 6 August 2016. Payne will not be fully recovered by that time and has to spend at least a week in hospital recovering, followed by more rest at home in order for her injuries to heal sufficiently.

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This was not Payne’s first riding injury, though. In 2004 she suffered riding injuries where her fall resulted in a fractured skull, as well as bleeding on the brain. Her family had encouraged her to quit horse racing altogether, but she decided to carry on with her beloved career. And then, in 2012, she had another accident. This time she was thrown off her horse and sustained injuries including broken ribs as well as four fractured vertebrae. And if that was not enough, one month after beginning to race again, she had another fall –but it was not as serious as others. So this third major fall in her career has really stifled her ability to compete. Currently, Payne is doing alright considering the circumstances. Her abdominal surgery was successful, and there were no major complications. She is now stable and doing well in recovery. In a way, Payne is lucky about the nature of her current injuries. Another traumatic brain injury, or spinal injury could have been disastrous for her due to the previous injuries that she sustained over the last 12 years. At this point it is not clear what lies ahead in the future for Michelle Payne, but we wish her a speedy recovery.

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