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Other Great Online Games for Racing Fans

Other Great Online Games for Racing Fans

As a horse racing fan, I am sure that you spend a lot of your time at the tracks betting on your favorite horses, or watching the races at your local bar. But if you are looking for some additional forms of entertainment, we have created a list of other great online games that you, as a racing fan will enjoy specifically.

Online casinos

If you are an ardent horse racing fan, you should definitely try out some online casino games. Bingo and slots games online are specifically good types of games to start with as they share a lot of elements with racing –they are all fast paced, thrilling and have high stakes. You also stand to win a lot of money quickly, which is a very appealing feature. This chance is even further increased when you take their very generous new player bonuses into consideration. These games are also available to play on your mobile device, which adds to the ease and convenience of playing them.

Virtual horse breeding and racing 

At the top of the virtual horse breeding and racing games is a wonderful game called Derby Quest. Derby Quest is a MMO game that focuses on both the aspects of horse breeding, and subsequent horse racing. You get to be part of the process right from the get go. You breed, feed, and train your horses to make sure they win later on in the game. As a MMO, this means that you can race against your friends, whether they are near or far. You get many choices in this game, especially when it comes to breeding and choosing which breeds you want to take care of and then race with. The racing component of the game is great and realistic too, with functions for whipping included. Through training your horse that you have raised from birth you are able to gain experience and improve on your past performances. Unfortunately this game is currently only available for iOs run iPads, but hopefully other users will get a multi compatible version released for them soon.

Jockey simulation games 

There are many jockey simulation games out there; among the best on the market is Be a Jockey. This simulation game is very life like and really gives you that thrill of being a jockey. Sadly, many of us are not short and small enough to have such a wonderful profession, but this sure is a great consolation prize. In this game you get to choose out of eight possible horses to race; you also get to name your horse too! The game relies on you using the arrow keys on your keyboard to navigate for your horse. There are also benefits of winning; if you win three games in a row your name may be enshrined in the hall of fame, depending on if your score is good enough. Winning also entitles you to free game credits of varying amounts that can be used for the game’s full-version 3-D game.

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