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Ode to Kentucky Derby 142

Ode to Kentucky Derby 142

You’ve heard all the break downs of the Kentucky Derby…now how about an ode!  Our friend @DerbyTalk has come up with this clever Ode to Kentucky Derby 142.  Here it is:

On the sports front, we have Suddenbreakingnews related to hockey. Detroit Red Wings star right-winger Gustav Nyquist and his brother Oscar (were) Nominated for the Swedish hockey hall of fame and will make a media appearance near Staples Arena in the ritzy land of USC Trojan Nation. It has been reported that the junior Nyquist would routinely Outwork his elder brother on the Swedish national team and floats like Danzing Candy over the ice.

Across the country near Destin, FL former mob boss Tommy Lucchese is back in the news. Tom’s Ready to settle his “Shagaf” with Nicky Whitmore, a purported Caribbean drug dealer and Gun Runner. Whitmore claims that he is simply an importer/exporter and if Mo Tom (as he disrespectfully refers to him) doesn’t stop being such an Exxagerator he may end up in the big house like mafia legend My Man Sam Giancana.

Closing with entertainment news, Adrien Brody is working on a blockbuster film that will be directed by Giovanni Majesto. Brody’s Cause in this spiritual journey is for mankind to implore their Creator for Mor Spirit in their hearts. Majesto plans to film on location in Hawaii with its picturesque ocean horizon fading into the blue Lani, or Hawaiian sky. Brody’s central character will be Mohaymen, an Arabic word meaning dominant.

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