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Lexington Stakes (Grade 3) Preview

Lexington Stakes (Grade 3) Preview

Castaway Looks to Make the Derby Field With a Win

Part of running and writing for a racing website is telling you (the fan) the truth.  So I’m going to be honest with you and tell you I have no idea what is going to happen in this race.  There are eleven three-year olds who are all trying to find themselves on a synthetic surface that can produce some strange results.  I won’t be betting this race at all.  I will never tell you not to bet a race, but if you are betting this one proceed with caution unless you have a solid inside source.  Maybe other handicappers out there can help you better than us, but I think they’d be lying.

So instead of  lying to you about who my picks are, I’ve decided to do something different.  I’m letting my dogs pick the top four horses for this race.  Yes, my dogs!  I threw eleven numbered paper plates into the yard, and which ever ones they picked up are their picks.  So here you go…here are Sammy and Filly’s top 4 selections for the Lexington Stakes along with their comments.  Good luck to you all!

Name: SammyB
Handicapping experience: 5 years
Favorite Horse: Dublin

Sammy’s Top 4:

#1 Morgan’s Guerrilla (KY) – Some say I look like a Gorilla, so this was an easy choice for me!

#10 News Pending (KY) – That Dale Romans looks like the worlds largest bullfrog….I like bullfrogs.

#2 Summer Front (KY) – I like summer, means I get to swim!!

#8 Hammers Terror (KY) – They call me a terror!!  I hear it so much that sometimes I think it’s my name!!

Name: Filly Lilly
Handicapping experience: 1 day
Favorite Horse: Palanka City

Filly’s Top 4:

#4 Skyring (KY) – Say what you want, but for an older man Mr. Lukas is very attractive!  I have a little bit of white hair, and so does he!  Us white hairs stick together!

#6 Holiday Promise (KY) – Another white-haired beauty in Todd Pletcher…although his nose is a little large for this little filly!

#7 Castaway (KY) – Bob Baffert, YET ANOTHER white-haired beauty.  Had a heart attack though…probably couldn’t handle this little filly!

#5 Golden Ticket (KY) – My betting tickets are always GOLDEN!

So it looks as though neither dog is predicting Castaway to make the Kentucky Derby.  Skyring winning at 30-1 would be a nice chunk of change in your bankroll.  The English Channel colt will probably enjoy the Keeneland poly track, and his races haven’t been too bad.  Morgan’s Guerilla is the more logical selection, although why not take a price in this wide open race?

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