Derby Trail Tracker

This Derby Trail Tracker monitors and lists all the 2018 Kentucky Derby contenders and where they will be running next. The races along the Derby trail with Derby points are listed and the potential runners (with trainer last name in parentheses) are categorized as follows:

·         Probable: connections (trainer / owner) have said they are planning to run their horse in this race

·         Possible: connections (trainer / owner) have named this race as a possible place that their horse may run

·         Speculative: based on quotes from connections and past trainer trends, these are educated guesses on where the horse may run on the Derby Trail

Race results, Kentucky Derby contenders and prospects, Derby point standings and leaderboard, Kentucky Derby Future Wager odds, info on the European & Japan Roads to the Kentucky Derby, picks, and more can be found on the official Racing Dudes Kentucky Derby page HERE.

The 2017-18 Road to the Kentucky Derby is complete!


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