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Keeneland September Yearling Sale Results Day 3

Keeneland September Yearling Sale Results Day 3

Hip Color Sex Sire Dam Purchaser Price
381 B Filly Giant’s Causeway Well Monied Alex & JoAnn  Lieblong & Team D 500000
382 B Colt War Front Wend Whitehorse Stables 300000
383 B Colt Tapit West Coast Swing *RNA (370,000)
384 B Filly Tiznow Western Princess Shortleaf Stable 170000
385 GR/RO Colt Sky Mesa Westling Gelfenstein Farm/Ivan Rodriquez 120000
386 DB/BR Filly Bernardini West Side Dancer Niall Brennan, Agent for Marc Keller 425000
387 DB/BR Colt Malibu Moon What Time It Is Ashgrove Stable LLC 140000
388 B Colt Blame Whenthetimeisright *RNA (90,000)
389 DB/BR Colt Street Cry (IRE) Where’s Bailey *RNA (235,000)
390 B Filly Arch Whisper to Me Out 0
391 CH Colt Giant’s Causeway Who Did It and Run Robert Baker/ William Mack 200000
392 GR/RO Colt Smart Strike Wickedly Wise Out 0
393 DB/BR Colt Sky Mesa Wickedology One More Time LLC 100000
394 DB/BR Colt Pulpit Wild Crazy Lady Out 0
395 B Filly Tapit Wild Gams *RNA (485,000)
396 GR/RO Colt Candy Ride (ARG) Wild Hoots Mark Casse, Agent 450000
397 GR/RO Colt Distorted Humor Wild Poppy Out 0
398 B Filly Galileo (IRE) Wild Wind (GER) Out 0
399 B Colt Distorted Humor Wile Cat David Redvers 260000
400 DB/BR Filly Haynesfield Willow Woodman Out 0
401 CH Colt Giant’s Causeway Wilshewed Mark Casse, Agent 350000
402 DB/BR Colt Uncle Mo Wine and Dyne Nick de Meric, Agent 250000
403 CH Filly Smart Strike Win McCool D.P. Racing 180000
404 DB/BR Filly Lemon Drop Kid Winner R.S. Evans 350000
405 CH Filly Distorted Humor Winning Point *RNA (145,000)
406 B Colt Candy Ride (ARG) Winsome Ways GEM Stables, Inc. 75000
407 B Colt Arch Wishful Splendor *RNA (190,000)
408 B Colt Kitten’s Joy Wonder Again Kempton Bldstk., Agent for Albaugh Family Stables 120000
409 B Filly Unbridled’s Song Wonder Lady Crupi’s New Castle IV/J. J. Crupi, Agent 500000
410 CH Filly Trappe Shot Wonder Star Steven W. Young, Agent 250000
411 DB/BR Filly Arch Woodman’s Dancer *RNA (250,000)
412 B Filly Kitten’s Joy Yadira Out 0
413 B Colt Bernardini Yellow Heat Teruo Ono 925000
414 DB/BR Colt Street Sense Yes She’s a Lady *RNA (190,000)
415 B Filly Lemon Drop Kid Yonagucci *RNA (190,000)
416 CH Filly Kitten’s Joy You’re Beautiful Out 0
417 B Filly Candy Ride (ARG) Zealous Cat *RNA (325,000)
418 B Colt Malibu Moon Zenith Three Amigos Stables 100000
419 B Colt Blame Zepa Kate Sheehan, Agent 35000
420 DB/BR Colt Street Cry (IRE) Zori Out 0
421 CH Colt Kitten’s Joy A Bit of Pressure J.S. Company 200000
422 B Filly More Than Ready A Brilliant Idea *RNA (70,000)
423 CH Colt Tapit Acacia Out 0
424 DB/BR Colt Smart Strike Achieving *RNA (310,000)
425 B Filly Harlan’s Holiday Act So Noble *RNA (90,000)
426 B Filly Cape Blanco (IRE) A Fine Time *RNA (235,000)
427 DB/BR Colt Arch African Jade *RNA (175,000)
428 DB/BR Colt Speightstown African Skies (GB) John Ferguson 300000
429 CH Filly Eskendereya Afternoon Stroll Beechwood Brunker 75000
430 DB/BR Colt Exchange Rate Ahh GMB Racing, LLC 140000
431 GR/RO Colt Tapit Air France *RNA (375,000)
432 CH Colt Malibu Moon Akilina Red Wings 175000
433 DB/BR Filly Street Cry (IRE) Aldebaran Light *RNA (110,000)
434 CH Colt Scat Daddy Alittlebitearly Crupi’s New Castle IV/J. J. Crupi, Agent 450000
435 DB/BR Colt Blame All Glory *RNA (85,000)
436 B Colt Speightstown Alpha Centauri North Hills 120000
437 GR/RO Colt Malibu Moon Alpha Kitten *RNA (385,000)
438 GR/RO Filly Tapit Amansara Whitehorse Stables 485000
439 CH Colt Unbridled’s Song Amazing Buy Grand Prix Co., Ltd. 150000
440 B Filly Lemon Drop Kid Amber Grace *RNA (160,000)
441 GR/RO Colt Unbridled’s Song Amen Hallelujah GEM Stables, Inc. 280000
442 B Filly More Than Ready American Slew *RNA (160,000)
443 GR/RO Filly Unbridled’s Song Andria’s Forest Al Bell 65000
444 B Colt Elusive Quality Ansong John Ferguson 100000
445 B Colt Candy Ride (ARG) A. P. Double Cat Jerry Crawford/ Donegal Racing 340000
446 B Filly Blame Appealing Storm *RNA (120,000)
447 B Filly Arch Apple Charlotte Out 0
448 B Filly Hard Spun April Fooler Out 0
449 B Colt Arch Arboresque Out 0
450 GR/RO Filly Tapit Archduchess Dixiana Farms 500000
451 B Colt Uncle Mo Arealhotlover Frank Brothers, Agent for Starlight 175000
452 DB/BR Filly Street Cry (IRE) Ariege Out 0
453 B Colt War Front Aristocratic Lady Al Shahania Stud 700000
454 B Colt Pulpit Asian Empress *RNA (145,000)
455 B Filly Gio Ponti Ask Me When Lavin Bloodstock for Marc Grier 200000
456 B Filly Unbridled’s Song Ask the Moon *RNA (200,000)
457 B Filly Unbridled’s Song A Story of Revenge *RNA (185,000)
458 B Colt Harlan’s Holiday Athena’s Gift Shortleaf Stable 240000
459 DB/BR Filly Kitten’s Joy A Touch of Glory Out 0
460 DB/BR Colt Bernardini Ava Knowsthecode Crupi’s New Castle VI /J. J. Crupi, Agent 575000
461 B Colt Tiznow Baffled Hoby and Layna Kight 175000
462 B Colt Giant’s Causeway Baghdaria Todd Pletcher, Agent 200000
463 DB/BR Filly Kitten’s Joy Bala K.K. Eishindo 500000
464 GR/RO Filly Street Boss Balboa Betty Eclipse Thoroughbred Partners 60000
465 GR/RO Colt Unbridled’s Song Ballyhoo Kat (IRE) Out 0
466 DB/BR Filly Quality Road Ballynaugh *RNA (95,000)
467 B Filly Arch Banyan Street Rabbah Bloodstock 150000
468 CH Colt Speightstown Batallosa (ARG) Grangebarry Stud 200000
469 CH Colt Haynesfield Bearursa Out 0
470 CH Colt Giant’s Causeway Beautician Out 0
471 GR/RO Colt Pulpit Beautiful Song Omar Olivares Matos 120000
472 CH Colt Candy Ride (ARG) Beauty O’ Gwaun Pegasus Farm Ltd./Herve Barjot 165000
473 B Colt Harlan’s Holiday Bees Wounded Warrior 200000
474 B Colt Bernardini Belle of Perintown *RNA (250,000)
475 CH Colt Giant’s Causeway Bellini Sunrise Out 0
476 B Colt Cape Blanco (IRE) Belterra Kempton Bldstk., Agent for Albaugh Family Stables 450000
477 DB/BR Colt Medaglia d’Oro Bending Strings *RNA (335,000)
478 DB/BR Colt Malibu Moon Be Smart Mark Casse, Agent 500000
479 DB/BR Filly More Than Ready Bet to Win Out 0
480 B Colt Smart Strike Beyond Our Reach (IRE) *RNA (85,000)
481 B Filly Uncle Mo Biblical Point JM Greathouse, Agent 120000
482 B Filly Smart Strike Bickersons George & Lori Hall 200000
483 DB/BR Filly More Than Ready Binalegend Nick de Meric, Agent 100000
484 CH Colt Gio Ponti Blageuse Zayat Stables 175000
485 GR/RO Colt Unbridled’s Song Blink Twice Crupi’s New Castle IV/J. J. Crupi, Agent 430000
486 B Filly Hard Spun Bluegrass Princess *RNA (120,000)
487 CH Filly Malibu Moon Blue Moon (FR) Shadwell Estate Company, Ltd. 675000
488 CH Filly Eskendereya Blush Island Bach Stables LLC 135000
489 DB/BR Filly Giant’s Causeway Board Battle *RNA (190,000)
490 DB/BR Filly Distorted Humor Bon Jovi Girl North Hills 400000
491 B Filly Distorted Humor Bonnie Blue Flag Ben Glass, Agent 435000
492 CH Colt Unbridled’s Song Boodles Ben Glass, Agent 210000
493 GR/RO Filly Tapit Border Dispute Secure Investments 170000
494 DB/BR Filly Kitten’s Joy Brickyard Gal John Ferguson 190000
495 CH Filly Hard Spun Brief Bliss *RNA (100,000)
496 CH Colt Speightstown Bronze Route *RNA (195,000)
497 DB/BR Filly Awesome Again Brush of Fortune Amy  Moore 120000
498 GR/RO Colt Unbridled’s Song Bubbler Juddmonte Farms 560000
499 B Filly War Front Buy the Barrel John Ferguson 240000
500 GR/RO Colt Speightstown Candy Jo Becky Thomas 85000
501 B Filly Giant’s Causeway Capote’s Crown *RNA (425,000)
502 B Filly Uncle Mo Captivating *RNA (190,000)
503 GR/RO Colt Medaglia d’Oro Careless Jewel Chris Drakos 150000
504 CH Colt Smart Strike Carolyn’s Cat *RNA (170,000)
505 DB/BR Colt Uncle Mo Caroni GMB Racing, LLC 150000
506 B Colt Distorted Humor Cascading Out 0
507 DB/BR Colt Giant’s Causeway Cassis Out 0
508 B Filly Dubawi (IRE) Casual Look Flaxman Stables Ireland Limited 1450000
509 CH Colt Candy Ride (ARG) Cat Charmer Juddmonte Farms 460000
510 DB/BR Filly Arch Catch the Blue Hat Out 0
511 B Colt Giant’s Causeway Cellars Shiraz *RNA (115,000)
512 B Colt Medaglia d’Oro Champagne Courage Out 0
513 DB/BR Filly Majestic Warrior Champagne Royale Out 0
514 B Colt Congrats Champagne Run *RNA (95,000)
515 DB/BR Filly Smart Strike Chamrousse G. Watts Humphrey, Jr. 190000
516 B Colt Arch Chantilly Nayla Barry Irwin/Team Valor International 170000
517 CH Filly Distorted Humor Charmed Gift D.P. Racing 320000
518 DB/BR Colt Pulpit Charming Legacy (IRE) Out 0
519 B Colt Arch Charming Tale *RNA (195,000)
520 DB/BR Colt Smart Strike Charm the Giant (IRE) Mike Ryan, Agent 500000
521 DB/BR Colt War Front Chatham MV Magnier 490000
522 B Colt Street Sense Chatique GMB Racing, LLC 60000
523 DB/BR Colt Uncle Mo Chattertown GEM Stables, Inc. 260000
524 DB/BR Colt Lemon Drop Kid Chic Corine Out 0
525 CH Filly Smart Strike Christies Treasure Hoby and Layna Kight 100000
526 B Colt Lonhro (AUS) Christine Daae K.K. Eishindo 120000
527 DB/BR Colt Bernardini Christmas Gift Friarstown Stud 225000
528 B Filly Medaglia d’Oro Ciao Mayberry Farm 280000
529 B Filly Candy Ride (ARG) Cindy’s Mom *RNA (45,000)
530 DB/BR Filly Pioneerof the Nile Citron Moon Out 0
531 B Filly Kitten’s Joy Claire’s Smile Debby M. Oxley 375000
532 CH Filly Curlin Classy Katherine Out 0
533 B Filly Unbridled’s Song Clay’s Rocket Out 0
534 DB/BR Colt Tiznow Clever Strike Out 0
535 B Colt Candy Ride (ARG) Cloudburst Conquest Stables 450000
536 B Filly Lonhro (AUS) Cold Awakening *RNA (70,000)
537 DB/BR Filly Awesome Again Colina Verde (BRZ) *RNA (40,000)
538 CH Filly Distorted Humor Collect Call *RNA (170,000)
539 GR/RO Colt Unbridled’s Song Comanche Star Out 0
540 CH Filly Eskendereya Comfort Zone Zayat Stables 370000
541 B Filly Montjeu (IRE) Compelling (IRE) Pegasus Farm Ltd./Herve Barjot 270000
542 GR/RO Colt Tapit Conchita Northwest Stud/Giuseppe Iadisernia 650000
543 B Filly More Than Ready Confessional Out 0
544 GR/RO Filly Unbridled’s Song Consider It Done Rigney Racing 340000
545 DB/BR Colt Street Cry (IRE) Contessa Halo Tommy Hutton’s Dream Stables 170000
546 DB/BR Colt Candy Ride (ARG) Coolwind Michael Puhich 200000
547 B Filly Arch Copelan’s Angel Gary Contessa, Agent 130000
548 B Filly Arch Cottage Link Niall Brennan, Agent for Marc Keller 220000
549 DB/BR Filly Tiznow Countess Lemonade Stonereath Stud 1100000
550 B Filly Lemon Drop Kid Country Cafe Niall Brennan, Agent for Marc Keller 210000
551 GR/RO Colt Unbridled’s Song Cowgirl Mally *RNA (300,000)
552 CH Filly Giant’s Causeway Crafty Oak Out 0
553 DB/BR Filly Arch Crescent Moon *RNA (140,000)
554 DB/BR Filly More Than Ready Cricket Miss Out 0
555 B Filly Candy Ride (ARG) Cristal Causeway Don Alberto Corp. 150000
556 DB/BR Colt Harlan’s Holiday Cryptos’ Best Out 0
557 B Filly Unbridled’s Song Cuff Me *RNA (345,000)
558 DB/BR Filly Pioneerof the Nile Culpeper Moon Albert Davis 45000
559 CH Colt Kitten’s Joy Cute Cognac Out 0
560 CH Filly Pulpit Cuvee Uncorked Gainesway 150000
561 DB/BR Colt Street Sense Czechers *RNA (90,000)
562 CH Colt Giant’s Causeway Dame Ellen Bradley Thoroughbreds LLC, Agent 185000
563 GR/RO Colt Distorted Humor Dance Quietly Out 0
564 DB/BR Filly Candy Ride (ARG) Dancing Alone *RNA (190,000)
565 B Filly Bernardini Dark Sky Kings Equine 100000
566 B Colt More Than Ready Dawn Chorus Lael Stable, Roy & Gretchen Jackson 485000
567 DB/BR Filly Malibu Moon D’cats Meow Niall Brennan, Agent for Marc Keller 450000
568 B Colt Harlan’s Holiday De Aar Jerry Crawford/ Donegal Racing 385000
569 B Filly Tale of the Cat Dean Henry Crupi’s New Castle/J. J. Crupi, Agent 140000
570 CH Filly Awesome Again Dearest Trickski *RNA (85,000)
571 B Colt Elusive Quality Dear Girl (IRE) Grangebarry Stud 80000

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