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How Modern Technology is Transforming the Horse Racing Industry

How Modern Technology is Transforming the Horse Racing Industry

Horses have had a valuable role to play in human history way beyond documented history. Their impressive strength and stamina have been used from the market to the battlefields. Current-day uses of horses have been relegated to equestrian sports, where betting on races in events has generated revenues in the industry in the billions.

These beasts of stamina have dominated and enthralled punters for centuries resulting in equestrian sports being some of the oldest forms of gambling. As such, through the ages, there have been regulations and monitoring in place which have changed with the times. Change continues to keep punters entertained to this day.

Overview of the Horse Racing Industry

First made popular in places of the Ancient Mediterranean region and North Africa, the first races involving horses were the chariot races. This sport was often both highly entertaining and dangerous, which saw a large number of people seriously hurt or die as a result. Equestrian sports have gone on to include flat racing, jumps, harness racing and endurance races. 

The popularity of flat racing has seen a wave in popularity across borders. Countries where gambling is highly regulated, make concessions for the sport to thrive, creating revenue that has seen the sustainability of thousands of employment opportunities across multiple sectors. These have seen, the world over,  the owners gain recognition, breeders acclaim, jockeys fame and horse popularity among punters.

In New Zealand, horse racing has become a relevant source within its economy with a sizable contribution to its overall GDP. With the first documented races dating back as far as 1840 in the garrisons, the sport has become a favourite for the New Zealand people. Events have been able to attract more than a million spectators. The country is renowned as well for its horse breeding programs in all of Australasia, with several successful racehorses from these stables.

Modern Technologies for Horse Racing Betting Fans 

Advancements in technology have, without a doubt, made wonderful strides in a multitude of aspects, and this has been no different when it comes to horses and the horse racing industry. The use of technology in an industry which has for centuries adapted and evolved for ensures that the evolution keeps it relevant for many more years to come.

From breeding technologies, data collection during training, and jockey well-being to the finishing line. Not only are punters able to gain insights from the data collected, but they are also able to access placing their bets from the palm of their hands.

Virtual Casino Horse Racing

Virtual horse racing has taken the sport to another level. This, without a doubt, has cemented the following evolutionary change in the sport. Currently, almost every casino online has a virtual horse racing section that allows fans to bet on horses 24/7.

At present, the VR races are through simulation plays, whereas the racing outcomes are through random number generation (RNG). The feel and texture have players experience as the jockey ride through the race with a 360-degree view of the track. The technology is bound to attract younger and new spectators to the sport to appreciate.

Horse Racing in Your Pocket 

A day at the races would be incomplete without making a wager on a race. Betting at the races has become an integral part of horse racing culture and is widely accepted the world over. Fortunately, this is no longer just confined to the hippodromes but through any device accessing online gambling platforms.

Betting sites are available online, providing possible horse race gambling options from around the globe at the press of a button. International companies have opened the market by enabling a greater number of punters to wager on racing matches. No longer confined to brick-and-mortar sites, online platforms provide much-appreciated flexibility.

Online Betting on Horse Racing 

Bookmakers provide the best resource for horse race betting online. Reputable bookmaker sites will give not just the best horse racing sports betting action but will often give the punter live betting options as well. 

Traditional betting can still be made at the tracks or designated betting shops. Bookmakers are a part of the horse racing landscape and provide information on not only the lineup but favourable and unfavourable odds. 

They can provide access to horse racing events around the world, like the Kentucky Derby, the Grand National, the Dubai World Cup and many more. These sites are accessible through any device and allow the player to make a wager from anywhere that’s convenient for them. 

Machine Learning to Predict Results 

As in any sport these days, statistical data is collected and put together into algorithms that explore different possible outcomes. These measure past rider and horse performance across a multitude of conditions to be factored in for outcomes predictions. 

Simulations have been used mainly for training both jockeys and horses for performance enhancements.  Together with the data collected, these allow the trainer to continually improve both horse and jockey riding form and adaptation in their performance. 

Though machine learning is important, the outcome of a race is always used to make improvements on future training needs and predictive algorithms.

Closing Word

It’s without a doubt that the equestrian sport will probably be around for many more years to come. It has not only been able to open and sustain industries, but the technology used to improve the sport has brought forward welcome innovations to technology. These still continue to make significant contributions through multiple industries.

The average punter has been able to evolve along with the sport as well. From betting at the tracks to dedicated betting houses and now from the palm of their hand. The algorithms compiled for the player have made it possible to make better-informed race selections from up-to-date information provided. 

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