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Going mobile: How to choose the best mobile horse racing betting app

Going mobile: How to choose the best mobile horse racing betting app

As with many other facets of our daily lives in recent years, the online betting and gambling industry has gone mobile. 

In fact, mobile betting has become so popular that essentially all the major betting companies have increasingly begun to shift their operations away from physical betting shops towards online platforms. 

Although this shift towards internet-based operations has not necessarily spelled the end of physical gambling locations, particularly as they experience a post-pandemic rise, it nevertheless signals that online betting is here to stay.

As part of this more general rise in online gambling, mobile betting apps have proved particularly popular as more and more bettors get started in this pastime for the first time.

Online sports betting is not necessarily the most-beginner friendly pastime, however, with mobile apps varying widely in terms of how easy to use they are. Often, regardless of whether you are a novice or a seasoned betting fan, many of the best horse racing betting sites in the US and beyond can present a number of significant barriers to entry.

One particularly prevalent issue at the moment is how to choose the best mobile betting app. This issue has become especially problematic given the sheer volume of options to choose from these days.

With that said, in this short article, we will give you a quick run-down of some of the most important features to look for when you are choosing a new horse racing betting app.

Security and customer protection features

Given that registering with an online betting website and making wagers on horse races involves the transfer of important personal and financial information, the level of security offered by an online betting platform is by far the most important feature to consider.

The need to ensure that both your funds and personal information are secure is particularly important when you are mobile betting given that mobile devices generally offer a lower level of security in comparison to desktop computers or laptops. Additionally, mobile phones are often lost or stolen, which can also allow this information to be compromised.

As such, it is important to choose a mobile betting app that offers a high level of protection. Some features to look for include verified payment providers, two-factor authentication protection for your account, the use of an ‘HTTPS’ address, and other industry certifications.

Generally speaking, online betting websites will go out of their way to show you how safe their platform is to use. So, if you don’t see a mobile betting app advertising these features, this is a good sign your funds might be safer elsewhere.

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What features do they offer?

Another important aspect to consider is the playing experience and, in particular, what mobile betting features they offer.

One of the best betting innovations to come out in recent years is the ability to place live bets. This is a particularly enjoyable feature in horse racing, where odds will change in real-time during the race. Often, live betting also offers some of the best odds, which is another added incentive to place some wagers during live events such as the Kentucky Derby.

The ability to place in-game or mid-race bets adds a whole new dimension to the online betting experience and is definitely not one to be missed out on.

With that said, when you are looking for the best horse racing betting sites in the US to choose from, we would recommend looking for one that provides live betting. This is particularly useful when you are using the mobile app on the go.

Sign up bonuses

As more and more companies have focused on online betting, the market has become increasingly competitive. While this might have made it a difficult environment to operate in for the betting operators, it has brought many benefits for online gambling fans.

In particular, it has meant that as a way of encouraging users to sign up with their platforms, mobile betting apps will often offer promotional bonuses to entice you to join.

These welcome bonuses come in many forms, including the offer of cash bonuses, free wagers, better odds, or cashback on deposits. The cashback bonus tends to be the most common benefit offered these days, although we would always recommend watching for straight cash bonuses.

By far the most important consideration to keep in mind when it comes to promotional bonuses, however, is what conditions or wagering requirements the mobile horse racing betting website has in place. These can often be quite restrictive. We would generally recommend choosing a platform offering a smaller bonus with lower wagering requirements.

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