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Cam Newton Linked With Shocking Seattle Seahawks Move
Cam Newton (Credit: Brian Fluharty-USA TODAY Sports)

Cam Newton Linked With Shocking Seattle Seahawks Move

Following nine seasons leading the line at the Carolina Panthers, Cam Newton was given the thankless (and pretty much impossible) task of replacing the irreplaceable. It effectively cost him his job. 

When Newton arrived at the Gillette Stadium in July 2020, he was tasked with filling the massive void left by Tom Brady’s exit to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and it would be fair to say he failed. The New England Patriots subsequently fell to their first losing season in 20 years and failed to make the postseason, though this can not be entirely laid at his door.


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The 32-year-old was released by the New England Patriots just before the new season got underway and has been staying in shape, waiting for the call. It appears that a call has now been made. The Seattle Seahawks, looking to cover Russell Wilson, who’s suffered a finger injury, and apparently Pete Carroll is eying up a move to bring Newton to the organization.

The Seahawks are 2-4 right now and are therefore not top of anyone’s best sports betting picks, though perhaps the injection of new blood could help things at Lumen Field. Seattle’s record probably looks worse than it is, with two of their defeats coming in overtime, but Carroll will need to stop the downward trend sooner rather than later.

To help make a move for his services more appealing, Newton made it clear he’d been vaccinated against COVID-19, making it easier to pick up his services. Wilson will be out for four to eight weeks, and his replacement Geno Smith is a little ring rusty, to say the least.

Carroll confirmed his very real interest in Newton in a recent interview with ESPN, stating;

“So that you know, we have talked to him; we’re talking to everybody that could help us.”

In a similar tone, Newton has made it clear that Seattle may not be the only franchise getting in touch, responding to speculation by saying;

“I’ve been getting offers, but they have to be right.”

No one should diminish Newton’s ability, and it would be unfair to judge him solely on his one season at New England. His record over nine seasons at Carolina is one that can not be ignored. He helped them to four postseason outings, including a run to Super Bowl 50, which saw them lose out to the Denver Broncos.

Frankly, if Carroll is in need of a quarterback to patch things up, then Cam Newton is probably the best option he has right now, and as such, one imagines that talks with the 2015 NFL MVP are ongoing. 

Newton undoubtedly still has the hunger to make an impact in the NFL, and recent comments on his YouTube channel act very much as a ‘come and get me’ plea;

“Hell yeah, I still want to play football,” adding, “I still get that urge to go out and perform and do something that I’ve been doing since I was seven years old.”

If you are a betting enthusiast, then it may well be worth backing Newton to be on the field of play sometime soon.

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