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Brokerstorm Offerings: Whitehorse Review

Brokerstorm Offerings: Whitehorse Review

Brokerstorm is one of the most major brokers on online betting, offering exchanges powered by Betfair such us Orbit, Winfair24, Betnfair and Whitehorse. 

Whitehorse exchange gives you the ultimate opportunity to lay on horseracing foremost, it is important to be aware that it is user friendly.

Lay bet is something which no other Betfair clone has as an available option. A lay bet is when you bet on an event not to happen. To be more specific, a lay bet on horse racing is when you place a bet on a specific horse not to win. If the horse you have chosen loses the race, then you win your bet.

In other words, when you place a lay bet, it is like you becoming a bookmaker. And even though sometimes it is not so easy to predict the exact outcome of a horse market, it is much easier to lay a bet on a horse, meaning you bet that the horse won’t win and gain funds more easily.

Another notable aspect is closely related to the fact that Whitehorse also offers identical markets, great odds, bet in-play and lay on horse racing, which is in pair with some of the major betting platforms such as Betfair.

Another significant feature is that Whitehorse also offers the option to modify the odds of your bet thus increasing the chances for your bet to be matched. This concept applies to back bets and lay bets as well.

-One-click Betting, you can set up the one-click betting according to your needs
For example, you can modify 10EUR, 20EUR,30EUR, 50EUR, 100EUR, 250EUR

This one-click betting element is unique and beneficial since it makes it easier to place your bets

On a conclusive note, it is safe to say that Whitehorse is a great platform that is attracting many professional and recreational bettors. After all, it offers a broad spectrum of betting advantages and benefits which are unique only at this revolutionary platform. Please, do not forget to use our full video Whitehorse  betting platform general Review on our YouTube channel following the link:

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