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Betting on the Finish Line: The Thrills and Traditions of Horseracing
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Betting on the Finish Line: The Thrills and Traditions of Horseracing

Horseracing has been around for thousands of years, with ancient civilizations like Greece and Rome holding chariot races. Nowadays, it’s one of the most beloved sports globally.

Different countries have their own unique spin on horseracing, with varied course lengths, obstacles, and track surfaces, adding excitement for both riders and horses.

People love attending races not only for the exciting action but also for the chance to spend quality time with family and friends. While most racecourses have no strict dress code, many attendees enjoy dressing up, adding to the festive atmosphere. Kids usually get in for free, making it a family-friendly outing. Plus, racecourses often have dining options and spaces for socializing.

For many, a significant part of horseracing is the opportunity to place bets and watch the excitement unfold. Bookmakers offer a wide range of betting options, enhancing the races. Online betting platforms have made it easier for fans to access information about horses and jockeys, attracting new audiences and broadening the sport’s appeal even further.

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Insights into Betting Dynamics

The increasing popularity of horse racing events is driving growth in the global betting market. However, alternative forms of gambling encounter a challenge to this growth. Yet, emerging nations’ growing interest in horse betting offers promising opportunities.

In terms of betting types, single bets dominated the market in 2022, capturing about half of the global horse betting revenue. Singles are favored for their simplicity and accessibility, making them an easy choice for many bettors. Multiple bets, however, are expected to grow the fastest, offering potential for higher returns due to combining multiple selections into a single bet.

Among applications, racecourses held the largest market share in 2022, attracting over one-third of horse betting revenue. The allure of high-quality racing events featuring renowned trainers and top-tier horses drives this segment. Online betting is set to grow rapidly, thanks to internet connectivity, diverse betting options, and attractive bonuses.

Regarding betting volume, low-volume bets dominated in 2022, catering to budget-conscious customers and minimizing potential losses. However, high-volume bets are expected to grow the fastest, fueled by increased access to comprehensive racing information empowering bettors to make informed decisions.

In terms of regions, Europe led the market in 2022, benefiting from government initiatives to regulate horse betting. Asia-Pacific is poised for rapid growth, driven by increasing interest and legalization of horse betting in several countries.

Bridging Tradition with Technology in Horse Betting

As more people are getting into betting on horses and with countries in Europe and Asia-Pacific leading the way, platforms like Zed Run are stepping up to offer something new. Zed Run is an online horse racing site where you can buy, sell, breed, and race virtual horses. 

It’s gaining popularity because it lets users own special virtual horses and win real prizes. This mix of old-school horse racing with high-tech features is making the betting scene more exciting for fans everywhere.

Players can own rare horses as in-game assets, and compete against other players in real time. There are over 40,000 users, and they have about 10,000 player vs player races every day.

Virtual horse racing with NFTs is a new trend, starting with virtual ZED RUN odds in 2018. Other similar games include DeRace and Silks. These games bring the excitement of horse racing into a virtual space called the metaverse on Ethereum.

In ZED RUN, a horse NFT is a digital horse that players can buy, sell, and own on Ethereum. They have different characteristics like gender, color, bloodline, genotype, number of offspring, and race statistics.

Unlike real horses, NFT horses don’t age. They stay as colts or fillies until they have a foal, then they become stallions or mares. In virtual horse racing, there are no jockeys, and horses don’t disobey commands like they might in real life racing.

ZED RUN makes horse racing simpler and removes unnecessary elements found in real-life racing, making it more straightforward and enjoyable.