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Best Social Gaming Platforms

Best Social Gaming Platforms

Social gaming, or social network gaming, is on the rise, and it’s taking over the entertainment industry. By allowing players anywhere in the world to compete and cooperate in an interconnected system, social gaming is changing the way creators design their games.

Most people who play internet games on a casual level have participated in social gaming without realizing it. For those who lose sleep over their high scores, it’s important to pick the right platform to play on. There are many SG platforms. Click here for more info and keep reading to learn about the ones that stand out from the rest.


You can’t talk about social gaming without mentioning KamaGames. It’s one of the largest mobile poker operators and the biggest in Europe. The developer specializes in poker and various casino games, including slots and blackjack. They also own the popular Pokerist Texas Poker. You can play all their games for free on any of the KamaGames apps or directly on Facebook.

Choose from tens of titles and play against your friends or anyone using the same software. The graphics are of very high quality in every single title KamaGames makes.


Despite its weird name, Zynga has been around since social gaming started being cool. Established in 2007, Zynga was known for one of its main titles in the early years, Zynga Poker.

The idea of playing free competitive poker against people around the world sailed smoothly at the time. Zynga went on to produce many more hit titles in the past decade, including all-time favorites like Words With Friends, Spades Plus, and the Farmville series.

The consistent flow of new games makes Zynga a powerhouse in the social gaming industry. In 2018, the company reported revenue of nearly a billion dollars. Even that figure didn’t change their humble attitude of “connecting the world through games.”

Gaia Online

If you have heard of the term “weeb” and not played Gaia Online, you’re probably not one. It’s a platform where anime fanatics like to hang out and mingle. Rather than creating a bunch of different games trying to appeal to a wide range of players, Gaia focuses on one thing – cuteness. It is a virtual world packed with every colorful aspect of anime where you can play, make friends, socialize at the comfort of your home.

There are many enjoyable activities on Gaia, including Smashblox, ZOMG, and Pinball. Interactive options such as Rally and Virtual Hollywood can get you closer to like-minded fellows.


Social gaming is becoming more pervasive every day. The magical thing about it is it never stops – there’s always going to be someone online to play with you. It’s always good to be a part of something that big and entertaining.

Regardless of the platform you choose, most games can be played via your social media account. If you wish to be anonymous, you can always create a new account, which is what a lot of players do. Whether you’re a super casual or a maniacal ladder climber, the challenge is there.

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