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Best apps for betting on horse racing

Best apps for betting on horse racing

There’s an app for pretty much everything nowadays, right? Well, horse racing apps are nothing particularly new. However, they’re evolving all the time and lots of apps are starting to offer more features and functions for their users, which makes it an exciting time to be a horse racing fan.

As long as you check the legality of gambling wherever you are based, there is every chance that there’s a great app for you.

In the United States, remember that each state is responsible for its own gambling laws and wagering. This means that there are loads of states where it is legal to gamble, but others where it is not. has a guide on horse betting and here you can also find a list over the states where it’s legal.  A lot of states allow horse racing even if they do not let people gamble on other sports. For instance, Kentucky and Alabama allow people to gamble on horses assuming they are of age.


Twinspires is a fantastic app for betting on horse racing. The website has loads of different markets and bet types that allow you to gamble on the races in many different ways depending on what you think the outcome will be and how well you think a horse will place.

Twinspires isn’t just great for actually betting on the horses, there are a number of ways in which you can watch the live races too, to help you to track what’s going on and enjoy the event on the app. The streams are reliable and fast and provide a good overview of the meets, though it isn’t as good as being there.

The app is totally licensed and is legally operating in 30 states across America while sticking to all the rules and regulations. Check the rules where you live before signing up for an account and enjoying a huge number of markets and bet types.


BetAmerica focuses on a huge number of different sports, including MLB, NHL and college basketball. The app is made by a company called Churchill Downs and the sportsbook is massive, which means that it is the ideal choice for people who love other sports as well as gambling on horse racing.

It’s super simple to download and install the app, and all you need to do is provide proof of age to access the services that they offer. This can vary between one state and another.

Before you sign up, as with all the other online gambling services, it is a good idea to check if there is an online bonus available as many sites will provide some form of signup bonus, which means that upon your initial deposit you are provided with a free bet or some other bonus for your account.

TVG Horse Race Betting App

TVG is a huge network that covers a crazy number of horse racing tracks across the US, and in fact, all over the world. It is a great way to bet on some of the biggest race meets in the country, including Monmouth Park and Saratoga Springs.

The service also makes it super simple to follow what is happening in the world of racing including replays, form alerts and other notifications to tell you about what is going on in real time and keep track of the horse racing.

The app is easy to install on your device and start to use, and deposits and withdrawals are also quick and easy. Make sure you check what the site is offering regarding current bonuses.

The app is really intuitive and it makes it super simple and straightforward to place your bets, track and even watch what is happening.


There is more information out there regarding horse racing than ever before, including the option to find tips and even listen to podcasts about horse racing.

It’s a huge industry and this means that there are many different ways to gamble, whatever your device and whichever race meets are catching your interest. A lot of people who actually attend the races now bet on an app rather than in-person too. This can be an easy way to track what’s going on and means you don’t have to take your binoculars to the track!

The apps in this list are evolving all the time. With such a competitive industry, they also keep improving to try and outdo the competition, so expect there to be even more evolutions in the coming years and new and exciting apps hitting the market.

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