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Belmont Park Pick 6 Analysis 7-5-12

Belmont Park Pick 6 Analysis 7-5-12

It’s a pretty nice carry over from yesterday’s card, and one that we feel could be hit.  Here is our large and small ticket suggestions.  Good luck everyone, let’s get it!

Large Ticket

Race 4: 1,3,6,7,8,9

Race 5: 5,6,9

Race 6: 2,4

Race 7: 1,4,10

Race 8: 3,4

Race 9: 4,10

Cost: $864

Analysis: Race four is wide open so I went six deep there, and still may not have enough.  Races five and six are races we should be fairly safe in, and seven is one that should be ok as well.  If you have deep pockets you might play more than two horses in the final two legs.  In the eighth, I count five that have a legit shot.  The ninth is a wide open scramble as well, but I feel a little more confident about it than I do the eighth.

Small Ticket

Race 4: 1,3,6,7,8,9

Race 5: 5

Race 6: 4

Race 7: 1, 10

Race 8: 3,4

Race 9: 1,10

Cost: $96

Analysis: The fourth looks wide open so I left that race the same on both tickets.  I think Quantity should win the fifth as long as he gets the right trip.  Palace Malice is a firster from the Todd Pletcher barn that by Curlin that I’ve been waiting to see run.  Hopefully he’s a monster as I’ve singled him in the sixth.  Seven through nine I went two deep, just hoping that things are fairly true to form.

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