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Arlington Park Pick 6 Analysis 6-13-12

Arlington Park Pick 6 Analysis 6-13-12

Who doesn’t like a carryover??  Arlington has a $54,406 carryover today.  Remember that you can play this pick six for a dollar base bet instead of two!  Lets see if we can give you a little help in hitting it.  It’s not going to be an easy one to take down, but here would be our large and small tickets:

Large Ticket

Race 4: 2,4,5,6,7

Race 5: 3,6,10,11

Race 6: 2,6

Race 7: 1,8,9

Race 8: 2,6

Race 9: 2,3,10,11

Ticket Cost: $960

Analysis: I feel guilty telling someone to play a $960 ticket, but I just couldn’t throw out any of the horses I have listed and I probably threw out some I shouldn’t have to get to this number.  Today’s Pick 6 is tough, and a carryover is definitely possible.  Race 4 is about as evenly a matched race as you can get.  Race 5 is interesting considering the two logical win candidates have drawn the outside two posts, which could compromise them.  Race 6 features Bluegrass Jet who is taking a suspicious drop in class which is always dangerous.  Just based on past performances he’s a logical single, but the class drop is a red flag.  In the 7th I again believe the logical win contenders have drawn the outside post.  The 8th is a wide open maiden claiming scramble on the turf which always produces more questions than answers.  To top it off, the 9th is another turf allowance for non-winners of one that looks to be evenly matched.  There really are no true singles on this card.  My advice is to lay low, play a small ticket, and let the big money players bump up the carryover pool for Friday.

Small Ticket

Race 4: 2,6

Race 5: 11

Race 6: 2,6

Race 7: 8,9

Race 8: 2

Race 9: 2,3,10,11

Ticket Cost: $32

Analysis: As I stated before on the large ticket, the small ticket is probably the way to go today.  Even $32 might be too much to spend.  With the lack of a decent single, it makes it will make it extremely difficult to hit this one going cheap.  Good luck to all that are playing!

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