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A Glimpse Into Dubai World Cup 2024
Derma Sotogake (Dubai Racing Club)

A Glimpse Into Dubai World Cup 2024

Dubai World Cup is a very special event for horse racing fans and it already takes our anticipation level to the extreme. This year’s race occurs on March 30th at the renowned Meydan Racecourse.

We’re sure you know a lot about this event already, so we decided to take a somewhat different approach by focusing on race-winner predictions in particular.

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A Brief History of the Dubai World Cup  

Though fans have different viewpoints and opinions, it’s fair to say that the Dubai World Cup is a genuine pinnacle in the world of horse racing. This event has it all: The extravagance of a super-rich host country, the Middle East’s mystique, and the sport’s toughest competition. 

The very first World Cup in Dubai took place in 1996 and it instantly grabbed the attention of the entire horse racing establishment. The mastermind behind this project is His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates, and Ruler of the Emirate of Dubai. His idea was to prove Dubai’s emergence as a global hub of sports and elite entertainment. That’s why the initial event immediately set new standards for excellence and sports extravagance.

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2024 Race Preview: Horses and Jockeys to Watch

Now we’ll go through a quick overview of favorites who all of you who like placing horse racing bets. The main info here is that the 2024 Dubai World Cup gathers nearly 900 horses from 19 countries. The prize pool is sky-high: It reaches well over $30 million this year. 

What’s best, the event will host four former champions as well as the reigning champ (Ushba Tesoro from Japan). Japan leads the way when it comes to the sheer number of nominations (200 altogether), while the USA follows with 150 participants. 

Dubai World Cup 2024 Nominees

It’s a dilemma, but we believe that Ushba Tesoro is ready to defend the title and become only the third seven-year-old champion in the history of this prestigious event. Bookies also consider the Japanese horse to be a pretty heavy favorite (+300), but upsets are absolutely possible. 

Some of the possible main contenders also include:

HorseTrainerCountry Winning Odds
Derma SotogakeHidetaka OtonashiJapan+330
National TreasureBob BaffertUSA+500
Ushba TesoroNoboru TakagiJapan+700
White AbarrioRichard E. Dutrow Jr.USA+800
Lemon PopHiroyasu TanakaJapan+800
Arabian KnightBob BaffertUSA+1000
AlgiersSimon CrisforUSA+1000
Al NefudBhupat SeemarSaudi Arabia+1000
Emblem RoadAhmad AbdulwahedSaudi Arabia+1400

We strongly believe that the 2024 Dubai World Cup winner hides among one of these names, but we will have to wait and see on March 30th

How to Bet in the UAE?

You should know that betting is illegal in the UAE – you won’t be able to place wagers at local sportsbooks because there simply aren’t any. However, you can bypass this hurdle with online wagering by using other countries’ gaming sites.

For example, online sports betting is a big deal in Canada. This country has a lot of digital sportsbooks that almost everyone can access online, so the only thing that matters is to take a clever pick and bet only on legit bookies sites with advanced security mechanisms. These websites will grant you access to the Dubai World Cup betting lines even if you’re following the event from the UAE.

Practical Information on Ticket Pricing

The Dubai World Cup 2024 features five types of ticketing options. For one, a simple Admission Only package starts at $5 per ticket. The second option included famous Food & beverage packages starting at $25 per visitor. 

Thirdly, the show can be watched from one of the venue’s premium restaurants. This solution will cost you at least $650 per person. But there are two extra layers of exclusivity:

  • The VIP restaurant package starts at nearly $1000 per visitor
  • Private suites with a minimum price of $1200 per person

Final Thoughts: Prepare for a Spectacle 

No matter where you are or how you will follow the Dubai World Cup 2024, this year’s event guarantees nothing short of spectacular. 100+ horse racing superstars will be there so that you can count on incredibly exciting races with the sport’s most prestigious jockeys and horses.

Are you ready for the 2024 Dubai experience? Let us know in the comment section!