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2020 NFL Draft Prop Bets

2020 NFL Draft Prop Bets

As the 2020 NFL Draft draws near, so do prop bets for the draft! Prop betting has long been a favorite of mine, so I am excited for the Draft to begin this Thursday, April 23.

Through the article, I will guide you across 15 different props. Some are very common, but a few others are personal favorites of mine. The odds are courtesy of Good luck!

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1st Quarterback Drafted

Top pick – Tua Tagovailoa (+3000)
My pick – Joe Burrow (-100000)

The entire world knows that the Cincinnati Bengals are going to draft Burrow first overall, so why place this bet? In reality, no one truly knows what will happen, so why not shoot for the moon? What happens if Cincinnati trades down? Say Miami, who is crazy for Tagovailoa, trades up to ensure they can draft him? Let the fireworks fly!

1st Running Back Drafted

Top pick – Jonathon Taylor (+270)
My pick – Jonathon Taylor (+270)

Taylor has long been the cream of this RB crop. Before the start of last season, he had first pick overall chatter, but now, we are able to bet him at odds providing value. My only concern is D’Andre Swift (-195), who has picked up steam as the best back in the draft. Still, I am sticking to my guns here with Taylor.

1st Wide Receiver Drafted

Top pick – Henry Ruggs III (+460)
My pick – Jerry Jeudy (+110)

It’s no secret that Jeudy is the best receiver in a draft class loaded with talent. Oklahoma’s CeeDee Lamb (+110) and LSU’s Justin Jefferson (+6000) are also in play, so betting this prop comes down to your personal research and how wild you are willing to get. I am sticking with Jeudy.

1st Offensive Lineman Drafted

Top pick – Tristan Wirfs (+100)
My pick – Mekhi Becton (+500)

This is where it starts to get fun! Legit football fans know the importance of the big men who battle in the trenches, and Wirfs and Becton are monsters who are versatile enough to play any position on the line. Becton gives better value at +500, so he is the pick.

1st Safety Drafted

Top pick – Grant Delpit (+270)
My pick – Jeremy Chinn (+750)

I firmly believe that Xavier McKinney (-300) is the best safety available, but that does not always translate into draft order and his odds offer little to no value. My choice is the wild and exciting Chinn.

More Players Taken in Round 1: Defense or Offense

My pick – Defense (+155)

This bet is fantastic! Gives you that longer type rush! Makes you pay attention to the entire 1st round! In my most recent mock draft I have it scored 17-15 in favor of the offense. A few tweaks and a few oddball selections has it swayed in favor of the defense. Defense wins championships and in this case cash!

First Three Picks Exact Order – Joe Burrow, Chase Young, Jeffery Okudah (+135)

Expect Young (-1220) to follow Burrow as the second overall selection, followed by Jeff Okudah (+105) as the third overall selection. This is an easy play. Make the wager!

Derrick Brown U8.5 (+105)

Brown is an absolute beast. In the mocks I’ve written and the research I’ve done, Brown has been drafted by Carolina 7th, Arizona 8th or worst case Jacksonville 9th. At this stage of the game I just don’t see Brown falling out of the top 10. Over/under at 8.5 is too sweet to pass up.

Will Any Draftee Be Shown Drinking Beer? Yes (+250) or No (-400)

My pick – Yes (+250)

What I find funny is the fact I did more research on this prop than all the mock drafts and 2020 rookie profile articles I’ve published. To the best of my knowledge a NFL draftee has never been showing drinking beer. Hence the (-400) right? 2020 hasn’t been right from the start. Nothing normal about it. I’m taking the yes (+250) this time!

Total Cats Shown During the First Round Over 3.5 (-120) Under 3.5 (+120)

My pick – Under 3.5 (+120)

We’ve crossed over to the fun side of the article! There is no amount of research you can really do when looking into a cat NFL Draft prop bet. At least I hope not! I’m a cat guy! Here’s hoping for 3.5+ cats shown!

Total Dogs Shown During the First Round Over 3.5 (-120) Under 3.5 (-3.5)

My pick – Over 3.5 (-120)

Man’s best friend! Expect at least five dogs to be shown in the first round! Can’t lose! actually who knows? Confidence is everything right?

Will Any Draftee Put On the Wrong Team Hat? Yes (+300) No (-500)

My pick – yes (+300)

Again, I’m siding with the odd ball props due to the strange circumstances currently. Plus, the entire draft will be done via Skype or FaceTime. There’s bound to be a mistake right?

Will Any Draftee Experience Technical Difficulties? Yes (-350) No (+225)

My pick – Yes (-350)

They say every bet has risk. There are no sure things right? Except this bet! Without a doubt there will be at least ONE technical difficulty! All it takes is one! Winner! Winner!

Highest Number of People in the Same Room? Over 9.5 (-175) Under 9.5 (+135)

My pick – Over (-175)

Being drafted by a professional football team is a life long dream of all these kids. All their blood, sweat and tears are about to pay off! Why wouldn’t they celebrate with family and friends? I fully expect multiple rooms each packed with 9.5+ plus people! Easy money!

Will Any Draftee Pop Champagne? Yes (-1,700) No (+600)

My pick – No (+600)

Done deal right? Think twice about a yes wager with this one. It’s so common and it’s such a sure thing (-1,700) that I want to bet against it! Give me the no (+600)!

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That’s it! These are my top 15 prop bets for the 2020 NFL Draft!

Any questions or comments? Did I miss someone? Let’s talk about it!

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