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10 Great Holiday Gifts for the Horse Racing Fan in Your Family

10 Great Holiday Gifts for the Horse Racing Fan in Your Family

Every family has one and they aren’t easy to shop for in the least bit. I’m talking about the horse player! The horse player is a different breed of cat, and sometimes hard to shop for when Christmas time rolls around.  Lets face it, we don’t require much…just some cash and a TV to watch a race with a betting machine close by to make a wager.  However, do not panic if you are at a loss for gift ideas…we have you covered!  At we truly serve all of your needs including Christmas shopping for your relative that is a horse racing enthusiast.  Here’s our top 10 ideas:

1. Monthly Subscription to Racing Dudes Premium Products

You may think this is a terribly shameless plug (which it totally is) but seriously this isn’t the worst gift idea.  Horse players like to try things out before purchasing, so a subscription to our premium picks will give them that option without having to spend their own money on it.  This is big because when playing the horses the player likes to save as much money as they can (sometimes not eating all day long) so they can have more money to go towards gambling. Right now, there is no better time to join, as we have totally revamped our handicapping page. It also helps that we’ve been HOT lately!! Ok, shameless plug over.

2. A Credit Voucher

I know what you are thinking…a credit voucher?  How lame as that, that’s like give someone cash.  Oh no, you are so wrong.  You aren’t giving us the equivalent of cash, you are giving us what we so desperately want: a FREE BET!  There is no better gift you can give a horse player.  Also, one of the best days in racing is Dec. 26th so giving a player a credit voucher on the 25th gives them a head start to the next day.  I get a $50 voucher from my Aunt every year and consider it a highlight of the Holiday Season.

3. Tickets to the Kentucky Derby or other Big Event

This is an obvious one.  It doesn’t have to even be the Kentucky Derby it just has to be any event that the horse player usually attends.  This is not only a nice gesture, but it saves the player from actually having to buy the tickets themselves which means it gives them more money to MAKE BETS!  As previously stated that is the main thing horse players are interested in doing.

4. Year Subscription to Bloodhorse Magazine

A subscription to any horse magazine will do, but personally I think the Bloodhorse is by far your best option.  The magazine comes out weekly and covers anything and everything the horse player wants to know.  I got a yearly subscription three years ago and anxiously await each new issue to come out every single week.  When it comes in the mail it is the highlight of my day.

5. Memorabilia from their Favorite Horse, Jockey, or Track

Anything from autographs to used equipment to even something small like a T-Shirt or hat will suit us fine!  You have to remember that horse racing memorabilia is not accessible in the same way as say a T-Shirt with our favorite sports team on it.  Things like this are hard to find, but when we get are hands on something supporting horse racing we wear it with pride.  Example: I have an American Pharoah shirt on while I type this article out.

6. A Copy of the Book “Horse Racing for Dummies” by Richard Eng

The “For Dummies” series is very popular on a variety of topics, and even though it’s a little phony sounding this book is about as informative as any book I’ve read on the subject of racing.  Beginners as well as veterans can read this book and get something out of it.  Richard Eng lays it out in a great way.

7. A copy of the movie “Let It Ride” 

There is nothing like a movie about a huge gambling score to get us fired up for the races! Let It Ride provides a hilarious take on the life of a gambler, while also displaying that on any given day anything can happen with a little luck. I know several horse players that will watch this movie the day before their favorite track opens up for the season to get mentally prepared for the days to come. 

8. The Entire Season of “Luck” on DVD

Every horse player LOVED the HBO TV show “Luck,” but unfortunately it only lasted one season.  If you can find a box set of that first season I guarantee the recipient of the gift will watch all nine episodes in less than three days.  This show gave horse players many characters in which they could relate.

9. Photo or Painting of their Favorite Horse or Race Track

We love photos or paintings to hang in our horse rooms, or just around the house wherever we please!  Horse players idolize their favorite horses, and their favorite tracks aren’t just a place to bet and mingle, but rather a holy land where dreams live.  One year I got a painting of the Saratoga grandstand and still consider it one of the top 10 gifts of all time.

10. A Copy of the Book “Southbound” by Jason Beem

A fictional book about a guy with a gambling problem.  Jason Beem does an excellent job capturing the inner workings of the mind of a horse player, and also takes you on a very entertaining adventure.  This is a book any horse fan can relate to on several levels.  It’s a fun read that’s not serious like all the handicapping books that are out there. My lovely content editor, Magic, got me this book two years ago. That’s because he’s awesome!

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