It’s always good to stay on top of what major horse racing stakes races are approaching. The 2019 racing calendar is full of major stakes races including the Pegasus World Cup, Kentucky Derby, Belmont Stakes, Travers Stakes, Breeders’ Cup and more. Below are the upcoming stakes races for September 2019 as well as links to other months. You can also see full horse racing track schedules here.


September 1, 2019
Bella Notte Minnesota Distaff SprintCbySep 1$100k g3&up f/m S6fDirt
Crocrock Minnesota SprintCbySep 1$100k g3&up S6fDirt
Glitter Star Minnesota Distaff ClassicCbySep 1$100k g3&up f/m S8.5fDirt
Northern Lights Debutante SCbySep 1$100k g2yo f S6fDirt
Northern Lights FuturityCbySep 1$100k g2yo c/g S6fDirt
Wally's Choice Minnesota ClassicCbySep 1$100k g3&up S8.5fDirt
Del Mar Derby (GIIT)DmrSep 1$250k g3yo9fTurf
Del Mar Juvenile TurfDmrSep 1$100k g2yo8fTurf
Washington Cup Sophomore Colts & Geldings SEmDSep 1$50k g3yo c/g S8fDirt
Washington Cup Sophomore Filly SEmDSep 1$50k g3yo f S8fDirt
Andy Passero Memorial CupFESep 1$30k g3&up f/m R6.5fDirt
Kokura Nisai S (JPN-IIIT)JRASep 1$580k a2yo6fTurf
Niigata Kinen (JPN-IIIT)JRASep 1$765k a3&up10fTurf
Red Bank S (GIIIT)MthSep 1$150k g3&up8fTurf
Safely Kept SMthSep 1$75k g3&up f/m5fTurf
Sapling SMthSep 1$100k g2yo8fDirt
Sorority SMthSep 1$100k g2yo f8fTurf
Billy the Kid HRuiSep 1$30k g3&up8fDirt
Rio Grande Senorita FuturityRuiSep 1$175k e2yo f S5.5fDirt
Spinaway S (GI)SarSep 1$350k g2yo f7fDirt
La Lorgnette SWOSep 1$100k g3yo f8.5fAW
Ontario Jockey Club SWOSep 1$100k g3yo6fAW
September 2, 2019
Gold Cup SAsDSep 2$30k g3&up9fDirt
Labor Day HCNLSep 2$75k g4&up9fTurf
Del Mar Futurity (GI)DmrSep 2$300k g2yo7fDirt
Del Mar Juvenile Fillies TurfDmrSep 2$100k g2yo f8fTurf
Bodacious Tatas SMthSep 2$75k g3&up f/m8.32fDirt
Dan Johnson SprintPrMSep 2$85k g3&up S6fDirt
Donna ReedPrMSep 2$100k g4&up f/m S8.32fDirt
Governor Terry E. BranstadPrMSep 2$100k g4&up c/g S8.5fDirt
Iowa Breeders' DerbyPrMSep 2$100k g3yo c/g S8.5fDirt
Iowa Breeders' OaksPrMSep 2$100k g3yo f S8.32fDirt
Iowa Cradle SPrMSep 2$90k g2yo c/g S6fDirt
Iowa SororityPrMSep 2$90k g2yo f S6fDirt
Bensalem SPRXSep 2$100k g3&up6fDirt
Cathryn Sophia SPRXSep 2$150k g3yo f8.32fDirt
Neshaminy SPRXSep 2$100k g3&up7.5fTurf
Roamin Rachel SPRXSep 2$100k g3&up f/m6fDirt
Salvatore M. DeBunda PTHA President's CupPRXSep 2$100k g3&up f/m8.5fTurf
Smarty Jones S (GIII)PRXSep 2$300k g3yo8.5fDirt
Turf Monster (GIIIT)PRXSep 2$300k g3&up5fTurf
Governors HRuiSep 2$30k g3&up f/m7.5fDirt
Labor Day Claiming SRuiSep 2$15k g3&up6fDirt
Rio Grande Senor FuturityRuiSep 2$175k e2yo c/g S5.5fDirt
Ruidoso Claiming SRuiSep 2$15k g3&up S5.5fDirt
Bernard Baruch H (GIIT)SarSep 2$250k g3&up8.5fTurf
Runhappy Hopeful S (GI)SarSep 2$350k g2yo7fDirt
September 3, 2019
A.J. Foyt SIndSep 3$100k a3&up S8.5fTurf
Florence Henderson SIndSep 3$100k a3&up f/m S8.5fTurf
September 4, 2019
Caesars SIndSep 4$200k g3yo8fTurf
Indiana GrandIndSep 4$200k g3yo f8fTurf
September 5, 2019
Old Friends SKYDSep 5#$250k g3&up R8.32fTurf
September 6, 2019
Manitoba Matron SAsDSep 6$30k g3&up f/m9fDirt
September 7, 2019
Arlington-Washington FuturityAPSep 7$75k g2yo7fAW
Arlington-Washington LassieAPSep 7$75k g2yo f7fAW
J.W. Sifton SAsDSep 7$25k e3yo S9fDirt
Bert Allen SCNLSep 7$100k g3&up S9fTurf
Brookmeade SCNLSep 7$100k g3&up f/m S9fTurf
Camptown SCNLSep 7$100k g3&up f/m S5.5fTurf
Jamestown SCNLSep 7$100k g2yo S5.5fTurf
Punch Line SCNLSep 7$100k g3&up S5.5fTurf
Randolph D. Rouse SteeplechaseCNLSep 7$50k g4&up f/m17fTurf
Sheer Drama SGPSep 7$100k g3&up f/m S7fDirt
British Columbia Derby (GIII)HsTSep 7$250k g3yo9fDirt
British Columbia OaksHsTSep 7$100k g3yo f9fDirt
Delta ColleenHsTSep 7$50k g3&up f/m9fDirt
S.W. Randall PlateHsTSep 7$50k g3&up9fDirt
Shion S (JPN-IIIT)JRASep 7$659k a3yo f10fTurf
Calumet Farm Kentucky Turf Cup (GIIIT)KYDSep 7#$1,000k g3&up12fTurf
Kentucky Downs Juvenile Turf SprintKYDSep 7#$500k g2yo6.5fTurf
Kentucky Downs Ladies Sprint (GIIIT)KYDSep 7#$500k g3&up f/m6.5fTurf
Kentucky Downs Ladies Turf (GIIIT)KYDSep 7#$500k g3&up f/m8fTurf
Kentucky Downs Turf Sprint (GIIIT) BCKYDSep 7#$700k g3&up6fTurf
A.L. "Red" ErwinLaDSep 7$60k g3yo S8fTurf
Elge RasberryLaDSep 7$60k g3yo f S8fTurf
Frank L. Brothers SLaDSep 7$60k g3&up8.5fTurf
Happy TicketLaDSep 7$60k g2yo f7.5fTurf
River CitiesLaDSep 7$60k g3&up f/m8.5fTurf
Sunday SilenceLaDSep 7$60k g2yo7.5fTurf
Super Derby (GIII)LaDSep 7$300k g3yo8.5fDirt
Saskatchewan DerbyMDSep 7$20k g3yo8.5fDirt
Decathlon SMthSep 7$75k g3yo5.5fDirt
Vice Regent SWOSep 7$100k g3yo S8fTurf
September 8, 2019
Buffalo SAsDSep 8$25k e2yo S8fDirt
Winnipeg FuturityAsDSep 8$30k g2yo6fDirt
Washington Cup Juvenile Colts and Geldings SEmDSep 8$50k g2yo c/g S6.5fDirt
Washington Cup Juvenile Filly SEmDSep 8$50k g2yo f S6.5fDirt
Centaur S (JPN-IIT)JRASep 8$1,115k a3&up6fTurf
Keisei Hai Autumn H (JPN-IIIT)JRASep 8$737k a3&up8fTurf
Claiming Crown Canterbury PrepKYDSep 8$100k g3&up6.5fDirt
Claiming Crown Distaff Dash PrepKYDSep 8$100k g3&up f/m6.5fDirt
Claiming Crown Emerald PrepKYDSep 8$100k g3&up8.32fDirt
Claiming Crown Tiara PrepKYDSep 8$100k g3&up f/m8.32fDirt
Dueling Grounds OaksKYDSep 8#$350k g3yo f10.5fTurf
Exacta Systems Dueling Grounds DerbyKYDSep 8#$600k g3yo10.5fTurf
Miss Woodford SMthSep 8$75k g3yo f5.5fDirt
Belle Mahone SWOSep 8$100k g3&up f/m8.5fAW
September 9, 2019
Aspirant SFLSep 9$100k e2yo c/g S6fDirt
Lady Fingers SFLSep 9$100k e2yo f S6fDirt
Malvern Rose SPIDSep 9$100k g3yo f S8fAW
Presque Isle Mile SPIDSep 9$200k g3&up8.5fAW
September 11, 2019
Brickyard SIndSep 11$100k a3&up S6fDirt
City of Anderson SIndSep 11$100k a2yo f S6fDirt
Hillsdale SIndSep 11$100k a2yo S6fDirt
Merrillville SIndSep 11$100k a3&up f/m S6fDirt
September 12, 2019
Franklin-Simpson S (GIIIT)KYDSep 12#$500k g3yo6.5fTurf
Ramsey Farm SKYDSep 12#$500k g3&up f/m10.5fTurf
September 13, 2019
John Bullit SCbySep 13$50k g3&up8.5fDirt
Tom Metzen HBPA Sprint SCbySep 13$50k g3&up R6fDirt
September 14, 2019
Casey DarnellAlbSep 14$70k g3&up S5.5fDirt
MTA Stallion Auction SCbySep 14$60k g3yo R6.5fDirt
Shakopee Juvenile SCbySep 14$75k g2yo6fDirt
Miss GracieGPSep 14$75k g3yo f7.5fTurf
Joey P. HandicapMthSep 14$75k g3&up S5fTurf
Bold Venture S (GIII)WOSep 14$125k g3&up6.5fAW
Canadian S (GIIT)WOSep 14$250k g3&up f/m9fTurf
Northern Dancer Turf (GIT)WOSep 14$300k g3&up12fTurf
Ricoh Woodbine Mile (GIT) BCWOSep 14$1,000k g3&up8fTurf
September 15, 2019
Muckleshoot Tribal ClassicEmDSep 15$50k g3&up8.5fDirt
Washington Cup Filly & Mare SEmDSep 15$50k g3&up f/m S8.5fDirt
Rose S (JPN-IIT)JRASep 15$979k a3yo f9fTurf
Good Magic Mile SMthSep 15$75k g3&up8fDirt
Natalma S (GIT) BCWOSep 15$250k g2yo f8fTurf
Ontario Racing SWOSep 15$100k g2yo5fTurf
Summer S (GIT) BCWOSep 15$250k g2yo8fTurf
Woodbine Cares SWOSep 15$100k g2yo f5fTurf
September 16, 2019
St. Lite Kinen (JPN-IIT)JRASep 16$1,023k a3yo11fTurf
Presque Isle Downs Masters S (GII)PIDSep 16$400k g3&up f/m6.5fAW
September 21, 2019
Budweiser SpecialAlbSep 21$55k g3&up6.5fDirt
Charles Town Oaks (GIII)CTSep 21$300k g3yo f7fDirt
Dickie Moore SCTSep 21$100k g2yo f7fDirt
Frank Gall MemorialCTSep 21$50k g3&up S7fDirt
Henry Mercer Memorial SCTSep 21$50k g2yo S4.5fDirt
Misty Bennett Pink Ribbon SCTSep 21$75k g3&up f/m7fDirt
Rachel's Turn SCTSep 21$50k g2yo f S4.5fDirt
Sadie Hawkins SCTSep 21$50k g3&up f/m S7fDirt
Bear's Den SGPSep 21$75k g3yo7.5fTurf
Sadie Diamond FuturityHsTSep 21$100k g2yo f S6.5fDirt
Bald Eagle DerbyLrlSep 21$150k g3yo12fTurf
Baltimore/Washington International Turf Cup (GIIIT)LrlSep 21$200k g3&up8fTurf
Frank J. De Francis Memorial Dash (GIII)LrlSep 21$250k g3&up6fDirt
Laurel Dash SLrlSep 21$100k g3&up5.5fTurf
Laurel FuturityLrlSep 21$200k g2yo8.5fTurf
Selima SLrlSep 21$200k g2yo f8.5fTurf
Sensible Lady Turf DashLrlSep 21$100k g3&up f/m5.5fTurf
Weathervane SLrlSep 21$100k g3yo f6fDirt
Smoke Glacken SMthSep 21$75k g2yo6fDirt
Alphabet Soup HPRXSep 21$100k g3&up S8.5fTurf
Cotillion S (GI) BCPRXSep 21$1,000k g3yo f8.5fDirt
Gallant Bob S (GII)PRXSep 21$300k g3yo6fDirt
Parx Dirt MilePRXSep 21$150k g3&up8fDirt
Pennsylvania Derby (GI)PRXSep 21$1,000k g3yo9fDirt
Plum Pretty SPRXSep 21$100k g3&up f/m S8.5fDirt
Turf Amazon SPRXSep 21$150k g3&up f/m5fTurf
Scarlet & Gray HTdnSep 21$75k g3&up f/m S6fDirt
Sweet Briar Too SWOSep 21$100k g3&up f/m6.5fAW
Victorian Queen SWOSep 21$100k g2yo f S6fAW
September 22, 2019
Con Jackson Claiming SAlbSep 22$25k g3&up14.5fDirt
New Mexico State Fair FuturityAlbSep 22$120k a2yo S6fDirt
Loyalty SBTPSep 22$75k g2yo S6fDirt
Gottstein FuturityEmDSep 22$100k g2yo8.5fDirt
Jack Diamond FuturityHsTSep 22$100k g2yo c/g S6.5fDirt
All Comers S (JPN-IIT)JRASep 22$1,262k a3&up11fTurf
Kobe Shimbun Hai (JPN-IIT)JRASep 22$1,023k a3yo12fTurf
Hollywood Wildcat SMthSep 22$75k g2yo f6fDirt
Bull Page SWOSep 22$100k g2yo c/g S6fAW
Ontario Damsel SWOSep 22$125k g3yo f R8fTurf
September 23, 2019
Mark McDermott SPIDSep 23$100k g2yo S6fAW
Mrs. Henry D. Paxson Memorial SPIDSep 23$100k g2yo f S6fDirt
September 28, 2019
DTHA Governor's Day HDelSep 28$75k g3&up R8.32fDirt
First State DashDelSep 28$100k g2yo S5.5fDirt
George Rosenberger Memorial SDelSep 28$75k g3&up f/m R8.5fTurf
New Castle SDelSep 28$100k g3&up S6fDirt
Small Wonder SDelSep 28$100k g2yo f S5.5fDirt
Tax Free Shopping DistaffDelSep 28$100k g3&up f/m S6fDirt
Armed Forces SGPSep 28$75k g2yo8fTurf
Hollywood Beach SGPSep 28$75k g2yo5fTurf
In Reality S (Florida Sire S)GPSep 28$400k g2yo R8.5fDirt
Monroe SGPSep 28$75k g3&up f/m8.5fTurf
Mr. Steele SGPSep 28$75k g3&up8.5fTurf
My Dear Girl S (Florida Sire S)GPSep 28$400k g2yo f R8.5fDirt
Our Dear Peggy SGPSep 28$75k g2yo f8fTurf
Wildcat Heir S (Florida Sire S)GPSep 28$150k g3&up R8fDirt
Ballerina S (GIII)HsTSep 28$100k g3&up f/m9fDirt
Sirius S (JPN-III)JRASep 28$673k a3&up10fDirt
All Along SLrlSep 28$150k g3&up f/m8.5fTurf
Anne Arundel County SLrlSep 28$100k g2yo f5.5fTurf
Challedon SLrlSep 28$75k g3&up R7fDirt
Howard County SLrlSep 28$100k g2yo5.5fTurf
Japan Turf CupLrlSep 28$100k g3&up12fTurf
Shine Again SLrlSep 28$75k g3&up f/m R7fDirt
Mr. Prospector SMthSep 28$100k g3&up6fDirt
Rainbow Heir SMthSep 28$100k g3&up5.5fTurf
Regret SMthSep 28$100k g3&up f/m6fDirt
Violet SMthSep 28$100k g3&up f/m8.5fTurf
Catlaunch STdnSep 28$75k g3&up S8.5fDirt
Durham Cup S (GIII)WOSep 28$125k g3&up9fAW
Ontario Derby (GIII)WOSep 28$125k g3yo9fAW
September 29, 2019
British Columbia Premiers (GIII)HsTSep 29$100k g3&up11fDirt
Sprinters S (JPN-IT) BCJRASep 29$2,075k a3&up6fTurf
Monmouth Marathon SMthSep 29$75k g3&up12fDirt
Classy 'n Smart SWOSep 29$100k g3&up f/m S8.5fAW
September 30, 2019
Arctic Queen SFLSep 30$50k g3&up f/m S6fDirt
New York Breeders' FuturityFLSep 30$200k e2yo S6fDirt

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