It’s always good to stay on top of what major horse racing stakes races are approaching. The 2019 racing calendar is full of major stakes races including the Pegasus World Cup, Kentucky Derby, Belmont Stakes, Travers Stakes, Breeders’ Cup and more. Below are the upcoming stakes races for February 2019 as well as links to other months. You can also see full horse racing track schedules here.


February 1, 2019
Cincinnati Trophy STPFeb 1$50k g3yo f6.5fAW
February 2, 2019
Withers S (GIII)AquFeb 2$250k g3yo9fDirt
Nelson J. Menard Memorial SFGFeb 2$75k g4&up f/mabt 5.5fTurf
Dania Beach SGPFeb 2$100k g3yo8fTurf
Forward Gal S (GIII)GPFeb 2$150k g3yo f7fDirt
Holy Bull S (GII)GPFeb 2$350k g3yo8.5fDirt
Swale S (GIII)GPFeb 2$150k g3yo7fDirt
Sweetest Chant S (GIIIT)GPFeb 2$100k g3yo f8fTurf
Martha Washington SOPFeb 2$125k g3yo f8fDirt
Robert B. Lewis S (GIII)SAFeb 2$150k g3yo8.5fDirt
San Marcos S (GIIT)SAFeb 2$200k g4&up10fTurf
San Pasqual S (GII)SAFeb 2$200k g4&up9fDirt
Enchantress SSunFeb 2$85k g3yo f S8fDirt
Ft. Bliss SSunFeb 2$75k g4&up6fDirt
Red Hedeman MileSunFeb 2$85k g3yo S8fDirt
February 3, 2019
Busanda SAquFeb 3$100k g3yo f9fDirt
Kisaragi Sho (JPN-IIIT)JRAFeb 3$712k a3yo9fTurf
Tokyo Shimbun Hai (JPN-IIIT)JRAFeb 3$737k a4&up8fTurf
Baffle SSAFeb 3$75k a3yoabt 6.5fTurf
February 8, 2019
John Battaglia Memorial STPFeb 8$75k g3yo8.5fAW
February 9, 2019
Jimmy Winkfield SAquFeb 9$150k g3yo7fDirt
Louisiana Premier Night Bon Temps StarterDeDFeb 9$50k g4&up f/m S5fDirt
Louisiana Premier Night ChampionshipDeDFeb 9$150k g4&up S8.5fDirt
Louisiana Premier Night DistaffDeDFeb 9$125k g4&up f/m S8fDirt
Louisiana Premier Night Gentlemen StarterDeDFeb 9$60k g4&up S8.5fDirt
Louisiana Premier Night Ladies StarterDeDFeb 9$60k g4&up f/m S8fDirt
Louisiana Premier Night MatronDeDFeb 9$100k g4&up f/m S5fDirt
Louisiana Premier Night PrinceDeDFeb 9$100k g3yo S8fDirt
Louisiana Premier Night Ragin Cajun StarterDeDFeb 9$50k g4&up S5fDirt
Louisiana Premier Night SprintDeDFeb 9$100k g4&up S5fDirt
Louisiana Premier Night StarletDeDFeb 9$100k g3yo f S8fDirt
El Prado SGPFeb 9$100k g4&up7.5fTurf
Suwannee River S (GIIIT)GPFeb 9$150k g4&up f/m9fTurf
Queen Cup (JPN-IIIT)JRAFeb 9$659k a3yo f8fTurf
King Cotton SOPFeb 9$100k g4&up6fDirt
Las Virgenes S (GII)SAFeb 9$200k g3yo f8fDirt
Thunder Road S (GIIIT)SAFeb 9$100k g4&up8fTurf
Lambholm South Endeavour S (GIIIT)TamFeb 9#$175k g4&up f/m8.5fTurf
Sam F. Davis S (GIII)TamFeb 9#$250k g3yo8.5fDirt
Suncoast STamFeb 9#$150k g3yo f8.32fDirt
Tampa Bay S (GIIIT)TamFeb 9#$175k g4&up8.5fTurf
Phoenix Gold CupTuPFeb 9$75k g4&up6fDirt
Sun City HTuPFeb 9$30k g4&up f/m8fTurf
Turf Paradise HTuPFeb 9$30k g4&up8.5fTurf
February 10, 2019
Biogio's Rose SAquFeb 10$100k g4&up f/m S8fDirt
Kyodo News Service Hai (JPN-IIIT)JRAFeb 10$712k a3yo9fTurf
Kyoto Kinen (JPN-IIT)JRAFeb 10$1,171k a4&up11fTurf
San Vicente S (GII)SAFeb 10$200k g3yo7fDirt
Sweet Life S (GIIIT)SAFeb 10$75k a3yo fabt 6.5fTurf
February 16, 2019
Broadway SAquFeb 16$100k g4&up f/m S6fDirt
Albert M. Stall Memorial SFGFeb 16$75k g4&up f/mabt 8.5fTurf
Colonel Power SFGFeb 16$75k g4&upabt 5.5fTurf
Fair Grounds H (GIIIT)FGFeb 16$150k g4&upabt 9fTurf
Mineshaft H (GIII)FGFeb 16$150k g4&up8.5fDirt
Rachel Alexandra S (GII)FGFeb 16$200k g3yo f8.5fDirt
Risen Star S Presented by Lamarque Ford (GII)FGFeb 16$400k g3yo8.5fDirt
Royal Delta S (GIII)GPFeb 16$150k g4&up f/m8fDirt
Diamond S (JPN-IIIT)JRAFeb 16$765k a4&up17fTurf
Kyoto Himba S (JPN-IIIT)JRAFeb 16$673k a4&up f/m7fTurf
Barbara Fritchie S (GIII)LrlFeb 16$250k g4&up f/m7fDirt
General George S (GIII)LrlFeb 16$250k g4&up7fDirt
John B. Campbell SLrlFeb 16$100k g4&up9fDirt
Miracle Wood SLrlFeb 16$100k g3yo8fDirt
Wide Country SLrlFeb 16$100k g3yo f7fDirt
Dixie Belle SOPFeb 16$100k g3yo f6fDirt
Santa Monica S (GII)SAFeb 16$200k g4&up f/m7fDirt
Wishing Well SSAFeb 16$75k a4&up f/m Rabt 6.5fTurf
Minaret STamFeb 16$50k g4&up f/m6fDirt
Pelican STamFeb 16#$100k g4&up6fDirt
Arizona OaksTuPFeb 16$30k g3yo f8fDirt
Turf Paradise DerbyTuPFeb 16$50k g3yo8.5fDirt
February 17, 2019
Haynesfield SAquFeb 17$100k g4&up S8fDirt
February S (JPN-I)JRAFeb 17$1,879k a4&up8fDirt
Kokura Daishoten (JPN-IIIT)JRAFeb 17$765k a4&up9fTurf
La Coneja SSunFeb 17$85k g3&up f/m S6fDirt
February 18, 2019
Hollie Hughes HAquFeb 18$100k g4&up S6fDirt
American Fabius SGPFeb 18$60k g3yo R7fDirt
Lady Bird SGPFeb 18$50k g4&up f/m R7fDirt
Little Magician SGPFeb 18$50k g4&up R8fTurf
Mary Todd SGPFeb 18$60k g4&up f/m R8.5fTurf
Mrs. Presidentress SGPFeb 18$60k g3yo f R7.5fTurf
Old Hickory SGPFeb 18$60k g4&up R8.5fDirt
Old Man Eloquent SGPFeb 18$60k g4&up R8.5fTurf
Queen Mother SGPFeb 18$60k g3yo f R7fDirt
Rail Splitter SGPFeb 18$60k g4&up R6.5fDirt
Rough and Ready SGPFeb 18$50k g4&up R8fDirt
Sage of Monticello SGPFeb 18$60k g3yo R7.5fTurf
Trust Buster SGPFeb 18$50k g4&up R6fDirt
Maryland Racing Media SLrlFeb 18$100k g4&up f/mabt 8.5fDirt
Bayakoa S (GIII)OPFeb 18$200k g4&up f/m8.5fDirt
Razorback H (GIII)OPFeb 18$500k g4&up8.5fDirt
Southwest S (GIII)OPFeb 18$500k g3yo8.5fDirt
California Cup DerbySAFeb 18$200k g3yo S8.5fDirt
California Cup OaksSAFeb 18$200k g3yo f S8fTurf
February 23, 2019
Franklin Square SAquFeb 23$100k g3yo f S6fDirt
Grasmick SFonFeb 23$10k a3&up4fDirt
Hal's Hope S (GIII)GPFeb 23$100k g4&up8fDirt
Melody of ColorsGPFeb 23$75k g3yo f5fTurf
Texas Glitter SGPFeb 23$75k g3yo5fTurf
Jim's Orbit SHouFeb 23$65k g3yo c/g S6fDirt
Two Altazano SHouFeb 23$65k g3yo f S6fDirt
Downthedustyroad Breeders' SOPFeb 23$100k g3&up f/m S6fDirt
Buena Vista S (GIIT)SAFeb 23$200k g4&up f/m8fTurf
February 24, 2019
Hankyu Hai (JPN-IIIT)JRAFeb 24$765k a4&up7fTurf
Nakayama Kinen (JPN-IIT)JRAFeb 24$1,171k a4&up9fTurf
Spring Fever SSAFeb 24$100k g4&up f/m S6fDirt
Curribot HSunFeb 24$75k g3&up8.5fDirt
Island Fashion SSunFeb 24$75k g3yo f8fDirt
Mine That Bird DerbySunFeb 24$100k g3yo8.5fDirt

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