It’s always good to stay on top of what major horse racing stakes races are approaching. The 2019 racing calendar is full of major stakes races including the Pegasus World Cup, Kentucky Derby, Belmont Stakes, Travers Stakes, Breeders’ Cup and more. Below are the upcoming stakes races for August 2019 as well as links to other months. You can also see full horse racing track schedules here.


August 1, 2019
Birdstone SSarAug 1$100k g3&up14fDirt
August 2, 2019
Debutante SAsDAug 2$30k g2yo f5fDirt
Manitoba OaksAsDAug 2$30k g3yo f8fDirt
Graduation SDmrAug 2$100k g2yo S5.5fDirt
Alydar SSarAug 2$100k g4&up R9fDirt
National Museum of Racing Hall of Fame (GIIT)SarAug 2$200k g3yo8fTurf
Saratoga OaksSarAug 2$750k g3yo f9.5fTurf
August 3, 2019
Albuquerque DistaffAlbAug 3$55k g3&up f/m8fDirt
Downs at Albuquerque HAlbAug 3$200k g3&up9fDirt
CTBA DerbyArPAug 3$30k e3yo S8.5fDirt
Graduation SAsDAug 3$30k g2yo5fDirt
Sorrento S (GII)DmrAug 3$200k g2yo f6fDirt
Yellow Ribbon H (GIIT)DmrAug 3$200k g3&up f/m8.5fTurf
Desert Vixen S (Florida Sire S)GPAug 3$100k e2yo f R6fDirt
Dr. Fager S (Florida Sire S)GPAug 3$100k e2yo R6fDirt
Louisiana Cup DistaffLaDAug 3$50k g3&up f/m S8.5fTurf
Louisiana Cup Filly and Mare SprintLaDAug 3$50k g3&up f/m S6fDirt
Louisiana Cup JuvenileLaDAug 3$50k g2yo S6fDirt
Louisiana Cup Juvenile FilliesLaDAug 3$50k g2yo f S6fDirt
Louisiana Cup SprintLaDAug 3$50k g3&up S6fDirt
Louisiana Cup Turf ClassicLaDAug 3$50k g3&up S8.5fTurf
Super Derby PreludeLaDAug 3$60k g3yo8.5fDirt
Senator Robert C. Byrd Memorial SMNRAug 3$75k g3&up6fDirt
West Virginia Derby (GIII)MNRAug 3$500k g3yo9fDirt
West Virginia Governor's S (GIII)MNRAug 3$200k g3&up8.5fDirt
West Virginia House of Delegates Speaker's CupMNRAug 3$75k g3&up8.32fTurf
West Virginia Legislature Chairman's CupMNRAug 3$75k g3&up4.5fDirt
West Virginia Secretary of StateMNRAug 3$75k g3&up f/m6fDirt
West Virginia Senate President's CupMNRAug 3$75k g3&up f/m8.32fTurf
Tyro SMthAug 3$75k g2yo5fTurf
Banjo Picker SprintPRXAug 3$100k g3&up S6fDirt
Dr. Teresa Garofalo MemorialPRXAug 3$100k g3&up f/m S6fDirt
Marshall Jenney HPRXAug 3$100k g3&up S5fTurf
Mrs. Penny SPRXAug 3$100k g3&up f/m S8.5fTurf
Roanoke SPRXAug 3$100k g3&up S8.5fDirt
Fasig-Tipton De La Rose SSarAug 3$100k g4&up f/m R8fTurf
Fasig-Tipton Lure SSarAug 3$100k g4&up R8.5fTurf
Longines Test S (GI)SarAug 3$500k g3yo f7fDirt
Troy (GIIIT)SarAug 3$200k g3&up5.5fTurf
Whitney (GI) BCSarAug 3$1,000k g3&up9fDirt
Cleveland Kindergarten STdnAug 3$75k g2yo S6fDirt
Clarendon SWOAug 3$125k g2yo R5.5fAW
Duchess SWOAug 3$100k g3yo f7fAW
Hank Mills HWyoAug 3$7,500 a3&up f/m5fDirt
August 4, 2019
Vivacious HBTPAug 4$75k g3&up f/m S8.5fTurf
La Jolla H (GIIIT)DmrAug 4$150k g3yo8.5fTurf
Kentucky Downs Preview Kentucky Turf CupElPAug 4#$100k g3&up10fTurf
Kentucky Downs Preview Ladies SprintElPAug 4#$100k g3&up f/m5.5fTurf
Kentucky Downs Preview Ladies TurfElPAug 4#$100k g3&up f/m8fTurf
Kentucky Downs Preview Tourist MileElPAug 4#$100k g3&up8fTurf
Kentucky Downs Preview Turf SprintElPAug 4#$100k g3&up5.5fTurf
Kokura Kinen (JPN-IIIT)JRAAug 4$765k a3&up10fTurf
Leopard S (JPN-III)JRAAug 4$752k a3yo9fDirt
Colleen SMthAug 4$75k g2yo f5fTurf
Adirondack S (GII)SarAug 4$200k g2yo f6.5fDirt
Fasig-Tipton Waya S (GIIIT)SarAug 4$200k g3&up f/m12fTurf
Saratoga DerbySarAug 4$1,000k g3yo9.5fTurf
Shepperton SWOAug 4$100k g3&up S6.5fAW
Wyoming Downs FuturityWyoAug 4$8,500 a2yo5fDirt
August 5, 2019
Manitoba DerbyAsDAug 5$75k g3yo9fDirt
British Columbia Cup Debutante SHsTAug 5$50k g2yo f6.5fDirt
British Columbia Cup Hong Kong Jockey ClubHsTAug 5$50k g3yo f8.5fDirt
British Columbia Cup MarathonHsTAug 5$20k g3&up S11fDirt
British Columbia Cup NurseryHsTAug 5$50k g2yo6.5fDirt
British Columbia Cup Sir Winston Churchill Derby TrialHsTAug 5$50k g3yo8.5fDirt
Derby Bar and Grill British Columbia Cup ClassicHsTAug 5$50k g3&up9fDirt
Derby Bar and Grill British Columbia Cup DistaffHsTAug 5$50k g3&up f/m8.5fDirt
August 7, 2019
Governor's SIndAug 7$150k a3yo S8.32fDirt
Indiana First Lady SIndAug 7$150k a3yo f S8.32fDirt
Evan Shipman SSarAug 7$100k g3&up S9fDirt
Mahony SSarAug 7$100k g3yo5.5fTurf
August 8, 2019
Saratoga Dew SSarAug 8$100k g3&up f/m S9fDirt
August 9, 2019
Solana Beach SDmrAug 9$150k g3&up f/m S8fTurf
Prairie Meadows JuvenilePrMAug 9$65k g2yo8.32fDirt
Tale of the Cat SSarAug 9$100k g3&up R6fDirt
August 10, 2019
Manzano SAlbAug 10$50k g2yo6fDirt
Arlington Million XXXVII (GIT) BCAPAug 10$1,000k g3&up10fTurf
Beverly D. (GIT) BCAPAug 10$600k g3&up f/m9.5fTurf
Bruce D. Memorial SAPAug 10$75k g3yo8fAW
Pucker Up S (GIIIT)APAug 10$100k g3yo f9fTurf
Secretariat S (GIT)APAug 10$500k g3yo8fTurf
Spicy SArPAug 10$30k e3&up f/m S8.5fDirt
Buck Domino SAsDAug 10$18k a3&up8.5fDirt
Blair's Cove SCbyAug 10$50k g3&up c/g S8.5fTurf
Minnesota DerbyCbyAug 10$100k g3yo c/g S8.32fDirt
Minnesota OaksCbyAug 10$100k g3yo f S8.32fDirt
MTA Sales Graduate SCbyAug 10$50k g2yo S5fDirt
Princess Elaine SCbyAug 10$50k g3&up f/m S8.5fTurf
Edward P. Evans SCNLAug 10$100k g3&up S8fTurf
M. Tyson Gilpin SCNLAug 10$100k g3&up f/m S5.5fTurf
Meadow Stable SCNLAug 10$100k g3&up S5.5fTurf
Nellie Mae Cox SCNLAug 10$100k g3&up f/m S8fTurf
Best Pal S (GII)DmrAug 10$200k g2yo6fDirt
Incredible Revenge SMthAug 10$75k g3&up f/m5.5fTurf
Fourstardave H (GIT) BCSarAug 10$500k g3&up8fTurf
Saratoga Special Presented by Miller Lite (GII)SarAug 10$200k g2yo6.5fDirt
Honey Jay STdnAug 10$75k g3&up S6fDirt
Wonder Where SWOAug 10$225k g3yo f R10fTurf
Wyoming Downs DerbyWyoAug 10$8,500 a3yo6fDirt
August 11, 2019
Arapahoe Park ClassicArPAug 11$20k e3&up9fDirt
Gold Rush FuturityArPAug 11$35k e2yo6fDirt
Horizon SBTPAug 11$75k g3yo S8.5fTurf
Rancho Bernardo H (GIII)DmrAug 11$100k g3&up f/m6.5fDirt
Ellis Park DerbyElPAug 11#$100k g3yo8fDirt
Groupie DollElPAug 11#$125k g3&up f/m8fDirt
Emerald DistaffEmDAug 11$50k g3&up f/m9fDirt
Longacres Mile (GIII)EmDAug 11$200k g3&up8fDirt
Muckleshoot DerbyEmDAug 11$50k g3yo9fDirt
Washington OaksEmDAug 11$50k g3yo f9fDirt
Elm S (JPN-III)JRAAug 11$673k a3&up8.5fDirt
Sekiya Kinen (JPN-IIIT)JRAAug 11$737k a3&up8fTurf
Jersey Shore SMthAug 11$75k g3yo6fDirt
GalwaySarAug 11$100k g3yo f5.5fTurf
Seagram Cup S (GIII)WOAug 11$125k g3&up8.5fAW
August 12, 2019
Jack Betta Be Rite SFLAug 12$50k g3&up f/m S8.5fDirt
August 13, 2019
Bob Summers Memorial CupFEAug 13$30k g3&up R6.5fDirt
Molson CupFEAug 13$30k g3&up f/m R8.5fTurf
August 14, 2019
Saratoga Sis SAsDAug 14$18k a3&up f/m8.5fDirt
Bolton LandingSarAug 14$100k g2yo f5.5fTurf
Eternal Search SWOAug 14$100k g3&up f/m S8.5fTurf
August 15, 2019
Union Avenue SSarAug 15$100k g3&up f/m S6.5fDirt
August 16, 2019
Phil KivesAsDAug 16$25k e3&up S8fDirt
CTT and TOC SDmrAug 16$85k a3&up f/m11fTurf
Skidmore SSarAug 16$100k g2yo5.5fTurf
August 17, 2019
Billy Powell Claiming SAlbAug 17$20k g3&up8.5fDirt
Distaff SAsDAug 17$25k e3&up f/m S8fDirt
Chesapeake SCNLAug 17$100k g3&up6fDirt
Da Hoss SCNLAug 17$75k g3&up5.5fTurf
Robert G. Leavitt SCTAug 17$50k g3yo S7fDirt
Century Casino OaksCTMAug 17$100k g3yo f9fDirt
Northlands DistaffCTMAug 17$75k g3&up f/m9fDirt
Del Mar H (GIIT) BCDmrAug 17$250k g3&up11fTurf
Del Mar Oaks (GIT)DmrAug 17$300k g3yo f9fTurf
Green Flash H (GIIIT)DmrAug 17$100k g3&up5fTurf
Torrey Pines S (GIII)DmrAug 17$100k g3yo f8fDirt
TVG Pacific Classic (GI) BCDmrAug 17$1,000k g3&up10fDirt
All Brandy SLrlAug 17$75k g3&up f/m S8.5fTurf
Find SLrlAug 17$75k g3&up S8.5fTurf
Miss Disco SLrlAug 17$75k g3yo f S6fDirt
Star de Naskra SLrlAug 17$75k g3yo S6fDirt
Monmouth Oaks (GIII)MthAug 17$150k g3yo f8.5fDirt
Alabama S (GI)SarAug 17$600k g3yo f10fDirt
Lake Placid (GIIT)SarAug 17$200k g3yo f8.5fTurf
Smart N Fancy SSarAug 17$100k g3&up f/m5.5fTurf
Lady Jacqueline STdnAug 17$200k g3&up f/m9fDirt
Breeders' SWOAug 17$400k g3yo R12fTurf
Catch a Glimpse SWOAug 17$100k g2yo f6.5fTurf
Parker Speed HWyoAug 17$7,500 a3&up4.5fDirt
August 18, 2019
Canadian Derby (GIII)CTMAug 18$150k g3yo10fDirt
Century MileCTMAug 18$75k g3&up8fDirt
Del Mar Mile (GIIT)DmrAug 18$200k g3&up8fTurf
Ellis Park DebutanteElPAug 18#$100k g2yo f7fDirt
Ellis Park JuvenileElPAug 18#$100k g2yo7fDirt
Barbara Shinpoch SEmDAug 18$50k g2yo f6fDirt
W.T.B.O.A. Lads SEmDAug 18$50k g2yo c/g6fDirt
Kitakyushu Kinen (JPN-IIIT)JRAAug 18$737k a3&up6fTurf
Sapporo Kinen (JPN-IIT)JRAAug 18$1,324k a3&up10fTurf
Jersey Derby SMthAug 18$75k g3yo8.5fTurf
Summer Colony SSarAug 18$100k g3&up f/m R9fDirt
Flaming Page SWOAug 18$100k g3&up f/m12fTurf
Soaring Free SWOAug 18$100k g2yo6.5fTurf
Au Revoir HWyoAug 18$7,500 a3&up8fDirt
August 19, 2019
Genessee Valley Breeders' SFLAug 19$50k g3&up S8.5fDirt
Satin and Lace SPIDAug 19$100k g3&up f/m6fAW
August 21, 2019
Osiris SAsDAug 21$30k g2yo5.5fDirt
Harry F. Brubaker SDmrAug 21$85k a3&up8fDirt
Shelby County SIndAug 21$100k a3&up f/m S6fDirt
William Henry Harrison SIndAug 21$100k a3&up S6fDirt
John's Call SSarAug 21$100k g3&up R13fTurf
August 22, 2019
New York Turf Writers Cup (GIT)SarAug 22$150k g4&up19fTurf
Riskaverse SSarAug 22$100k g3yo f R8fTurf
August 23, 2019
Tranquility Lake SDmrAug 23$85k a3&up f/m R8fDirt
Evangeline Downs PrincessEvDAug 23$50k g2yo f6fDirt
C.T.H.S. Sales SHsTAug 23$50k g2yo f S6.5fDirt
C.T.H.S. Sales SHsTAug 23$50k g2yo c/g S6.5fDirt
C.T.H.S. Sales SHsTAug 23$50k g3&4yo c/g S8.5fDirt
C.T.H.S. Sales SHsTAug 23$50k g3&4yo f S8.5fDirt
Albany SSarAug 23$250k g3yo S9fDirt
Fleet Indian SSarAug 23$200k g3yo f S9fDirt
Funny Cide SSarAug 23$200k g2yo S6.5fDirt
Seeking the Ante SSarAug 23$200k g2yo f S6.5fDirt
West Point Presented by Trustco BankSarAug 23$150k g3&up S8.5fTurf
Yaddo SSarAug 23$150k g3&up f/m S8.5fTurf
August 24, 2019
Carlos Salazar SAlbAug 24$70k g3&up f/m S6.5fDirt
C.T.H.S. Sales SAsDAug 24$30k e2yo S6fDirt
Brooks Fields SCbyAug 24$50k g3&up8fTurf
HBPA DistaffCbyAug 24$50k g3&up f/m8fTurf
Mystic Lake Turf ExpressCbyAug 24$50k g3&up5fTurf
Old Nelson HCNLAug 24$75k g3&up R9.5fTurf
Sylvia Bishop MemorialCTAug 24$50k g3yo f S7fDirt
Pat O'Brien S (GII) BCDmrAug 24$200k g3&up7fDirt
Evangeline Downs PrinceEvDAug 24$50k g2yo c/g6fDirt
Benny the Bull SGPAug 24$100k g3&up S7fDirt
Unbridled Essence SMthAug 24$75k g3&up f/m12fTurf
Forego (GI)SarAug 24$600k g3&up7fDirt
H. Allen Jerkens Memorial Presented by Runhappy (GI)SarAug 24$500k g3yo7fDirt
Ketel One Ballerina S (GI) BCSarAug 24$500k g3&up f/m7fDirt
Personal Ensign Presented by Lia Infiniti (GI) BCSarAug 24$700k g3&up f/m9fDirt
Runhappy Travers S (GI)SarAug 24$1,250k g3yo10fDirt
Sword Dancer (GIT) BCSarAug 24$850k g4&up12fTurf
Woodford Reserve Ballston Spa (GIIT)SarAug 24$400k g3&up f/m8.5fTurf
Governor's Buckeye CupTdnAug 24$75k g3&up S10fDirt
Pay the Man STdnAug 24$75k g3&up f/m S9fDirt
Play the King S (GIIT)WOAug 24$175k g3&up7fTurf
August 25, 2019
Tah Dah SBTPAug 25$75k g2yo f S6fDirt
Birdcatcher SCTMAug 25$50k g2yo6.5fDirt
Princess Margaret SCTMAug 25$50k g2yo f6.5fDirt
Shared Belief SDmrAug 25$100k g3yo8fDirt
C.J. Hindley Humbolt County MarathonFerAug 25$20k g3&up13fDirt
Keeneland Cup (JPN-IIIT)JRAAug 25$765k a3&up6fTurf
Niigata Nisai S (JPN-IIIT)JRAAug 25$580k a2yo8fTurf
Charles Hesse III HMthAug 25$100k g3&up S8.5fDirt
Eleven North HMthAug 25$75k g3&up f/m S6fDirt
New Jersey Breeders' HMthAug 25$75k g3&up S6fDirt
Better Talk Now SSarAug 25$100k g3yo R8fTurf
Seaway S (GIII)WOAug 25$125k g3&up f/m7fAW
August 28, 2019
Generous Portion SDmrAug 28$100k g2yo f S6fDirt
With Anticipation S (GIIIT)SarAug 28$150k g2yo8.5fTurf
Algoma SWOAug 28$100k g3&up f/m R8.5fAW
Elgin SWOAug 28$100k g3&up c/g R8.5fAW
Halton SWOAug 28$100k g3&up R12fTurf
Kenora SWOAug 28$100k g3&up R6fAW
Muskoka SWOAug 28$175k g2yo f R6.5fAW
Simcoe SWOAug 28$175k g2yo c/g R6.5fAW
August 29, 2019
P.G. Johnson SSarAug 29$100k g2yo f8.5fTurf
August 30, 2019
I'm Smokin SDmrAug 30$100k g2yo S6fDirt
Lucky Coin SSarAug 30$100k g4&up R5.5fTurf
August 31, 2019
Casino at the Downs DerbyAlbAug 31$80k g3yo S8fDirt
Kitten's Joy SCNLAug 31$100k g2yo8.5fTurf
Rosie's SCNLAug 31$100k g2yo5.5fTurf
Virginia Derby (GIIIT)CNLAug 31$250k g3yo9fTurf
Virginia OaksCNLAug 31$150k g3yo f9fTurf
Del Mar Debutante S (GI)DmrAug 31$300k g2yo f7fDirt
John C. Mabee S (GIIT)DmrAug 31$200k g3&up f/m9fTurf
Affirmed S (Florida Sire S)GPAug 31$200k e2yo R7fDirt
Proud Man SGPAug 31$100k g2yo7.5fTurf
Sharp Susan SGPAug 31$100k g2yo f7.5fTurf
Susan's Girl S (Florida Sire S)GPAug 31$200k e2yo f R7fDirt
Sapporo Nisai S (JPN-IIIT)JRAAug 31$580k a2yo9fTurf
Exacta Systems Juvenile FilliesKYDAug 31#$500k g2yo f8fTurf
Kentucky Downs JuvenileKYDAug 31#$500k g2yo8fTurf
One Dreamer SKYDAug 31#$250k g3&up f/m8.32fTurf
Tourist MileKYDAug 31#$750k g3&up8fTurf
Presious Passion SMthAug 31$75k g3&up12fTurf
Red White and Blue Claiming SRuiAug 31$15k g3&up8fDirt
Glens Falls (GIIT)SarAug 31$250k g3&up f/m11fTurf
Prioress S (GII)SarAug 31$250k g3yo f6fDirt
Saranac S (GIIIT)SarAug 31$200k g3yo8.5fTurf
The Woodward (GI)SarAug 31$750k g3&up9fDirt
Passing Mood SWOAug 31$100k g3yo f S7fTurf

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