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Super Bowl LIII Picks

30 teams are now in vacation mode, with only two teams left standing, so we thought we would bring you a special edition of wagering advice for the Super Bowl. We have collected a consensus from the various contributors for the Racing Dudes and compiled a list of some of the popular bets made during the big game. Check out our EXPERT opinions and find the lines you think are the best fit for your wagering this weekend.

1st Half Lines: This is the east coast special if you have a hard time staying up for the end of the game. Plus, you get to celebrate and early and start chugging beers for the rest of the game when you hit this bet. New England -1.5 and Over/Under 27.5

Expert Pick
Aaron New England and the Under
Mike New England and the Under
Jared New England and the Under
Austin Los Angeles and the Under


Game Lines: The basic bet. Lines at the time we made our picks were New England -3 and Over/Under -56.5

Expert Pick
Aaron New England and the Over
Mike New England and the Under
Jared New England and the Over
Austin New England and the Under


3 Scores: This is an interesting bet to watch during the game. Will either team score 3 times in a row without the other team making a score. The line on this bet was No -220 and Yes +180.

Expert Pick
Aaron No
Mike Yes
Jared No
Austin Yes


Total Number of Sacks: The total number of sacks is for both teams combined. Speaking to the strength of both offenses, this year’s Over/Under is only 3.5.

Expert Pick
Aaron Over
Mike Over
Jared Over
Austin Over


Combined Score Total: The combined score total set up multiple tiers in 7-point increments. The first tier is 0-14 with the next tier being 15-21… and so on. Each expert picked their favorite spot without the assigned odds known. We have filled in the odds as of the time of this article.

Expert Pick
Aaron 57-63 +375
Mike 50-56 +375
Jared 57-63 +375
Austin 43-49 +425


Winner and Margin of Victory: If you want to really test your skills, you can find this betting line and pick the winner and the margin of victory they will win by. This bet is also set up in tiers that are separated in 3-point increments (1-3, 4-6…). Here are where the guys landed.

Expert Pick
Aaron NE 4-6 +800
Mike NE 11-13 +1300
Jared NE 7-10 +550
Austin NE 14-17 +900


Double Result: This bet requires you to accurately pick the result of the 1st half and the final winner. 1st half choices include the game being tied so there are 6 potential variations you can bet.

Expert Pick
Aaron NE/NE Even
Mike NE/NE Even
Jared NE/NE Even
Austin LA/NE +350


Player to Score a TD: Our experts each selected up to 3 players they thought would score a touchdown in the Super Bowl. The experts picked players without knowing their associated odds at the time. It is important to know that passing for touchdown does not win this bet so QBs can only win if they rush or catch a pass for a touchdown.

Expert Pick
Aaron White +105; Burkhead +150; Gurley -155
Mike Gronkowski +105; Edelman -115; Anderson Even
Jared Michel -165; Woods Even; Burkhead +150
Austin White +105; Cooks -105; Gronkowski +105


And finally for some fun…

Gatorade Splash: What color of Gatorade will be poured on the winning coach? Options include blue, orange, purple, red, yellow/lime/green, clear, nothing poured on coach.

Expert Pick
Aaron Yellow/Lime/Green +300
Mike Orange +450
Jared Orange +450
Austin Blue +400


Good luck to everyone that decides to throw a few dollars on the game. Enjoy it, because it is a long wait until next September. In the meantime, follow the Dudes as they provide all the advice you need on the Kentucky Derby Trail as horse racing kicks into full gear!

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